something, or nothing?

Okay, so I know I still haven’t fixed all the shit on the site. Yes, the titles are broken. Yes, I know all the links don’t work. Yes, the administration interface consists only of a news posting form. Yes, indeed, I know all this. And I know that none of you are complaining about it. And that, I might add, is quite disturbing. I would figure that as a high-quality sphere of volumnous web-traffic, everyone would be ready to bitch and point at the drop of a hat. More than once even, but no. So, if you would all please bitch and moan to motivate, that would be great. [I don’t believe I just typed that].

Another thing. There are lots of people who randomly hit my site. That is quite tasty. The only thing is that they don’t ever comment, and that makes me sad. It sure would be nice to have all the 1st time visitors post something, like saying “Hi”. That would just be peachy.

And one more thing … about the blue banner at the top vs. the old purple one? I like the italicized better than the original, and the blue is nifty. But I am to please — purple? blue? normal text? italicized? Please, sound off.

I did nothing today. Well, not true. I had my truck’s tires patched and rotated, and I worked on some user-accounting SQL & Radius stuff at HPI . And I think peepz are meeting @ the Carmike 10 to see Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. I have my truck [which is running flawlessly, I might add], so I’ll go see that. I maxed my Visa today, what with all the recent financial hoo-haa. I am picking up a new radiator tomorrow morning and installing it in the honda, which is currently @ the geekpad. Not much else going on other than that … ‘night!

*** Update ***: Man, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is the funniest movie I have seen in a looong time. In fact, I haven’t seen a movie this good in … wow, a looong time. It’s done by Kevin Smith, creator of Mallrats, Clerks, Chasing Amy & Dogma — I’m not a Smith disciple, and I wholeheartedly recommend seeing this movie. I might go see it again 🙂

2001-08-26 01:23:47 – Laura
I like the Blue, but not italics…peace
2001-08-26 07:58:42 – Nell
i don’t care what color it is, but on my screen, the background behind the ‘’ does not exactly match the rest of the bar that extends all the way to the right. i don’t like that.
2001-08-26 09:31:03 – rand0m
Are you running in 256 colors? If you have any horizontal lines or dotted things, then you can resolve it by right clicking the desktop, selecting properties, going to the settings tab and on the left-hand side dropdown change it to 16, 24, or 32 bit color.
2001-08-26 13:09:41 – Laura
Rat Race is a damn good movie too…you should go see it
2001-08-26 13:45:03 – Burnz
Goddamn it. I am sick of this lame ass site being full of broken links. And you didn’t even have me on the people page of the old one. Half-ass webmaster. I like the blue more than the purple, and have no difference of opinion between the italics and not. Ghosts of Mars sucks like only Ice Cube and Natassa Henstridge (spelling) can suck. GO see it and support John Carpenter. And I still ain’t got a job. Starting to worry about the total lack of callbacks.
2001-08-26 14:45:16 – The Disco Nova
Don’t worry Burnz, You’ll get about 15 calls in one day when they finally decide to call you, everyone likes to call at once
2001-08-26 18:28:35 – Xeon
Your freaking site is so ghetto… none of the links work … there is absosulety no additional fun space, forums, pictures, webcams, …. hell your Contact link doesn’t even work! WTF! look here you can <a href="mailto: Contact">contact</a> me if you wanna learn how to link your contact page. You don’t even have your Quotes page working. K enough out of me.
2001-08-26 19:56:32 – Master Ha-reed
Italicized blue is all good – check your mail so you dont run out to B Street tomorrow for no reason