yea, this is bullshit

Okay, so I’m surfing the web today looking for some parts to fix up a our toasted database server. I check the phone book and find pc brokers. I figured a computer store would have a website. Huh. Check this out:

pc broker’s website website

It says the site was last updated on 7/20/2001. I called PC Brokers and the website has only been up since the 18th. My website has been around for almost 2 months now. I did some poking around on their site and found out that the top, where it says PC Brokers is dir.php. Now, why the fuck would anyone make a php file to show static text? *Obviously* it’s the fact that they are new to PHP, and are just trying it out. I also gathered that the author’s name is Ryan L Cross and he runs his “business” out of his place at 115 W Rockrimmon Blvd, #213. So, Cylence Web Design sucks ass — the link on their homepage doesn’t work, they can’t code for shit and they gank web designs. Valid case or am I just paranoid — we’ll see how my e-mail to him goes 😉

2001-08-08 19:49:08 – security_consultant
I’m curious, how did you verify that it’s Ryan L Cross? Also, how do you know, you didn’t gank your website design from some other poorless hap. Anyway, pc brokers prices lick dog ass. On that note, enjoy a doobie snack.
2001-08-08 20:34:13 – Burnz
rand0m, brutha, I love you, you know that. But oh my fucking god you really should *not* be getting all jazzed up about comp fags and their PHP. Don’t forget there are trees and things outside. And grass, and rain you like rain.
2001-08-08 21:22:13 – bastard
<A HREF=""> Watch this and you shall see, that a jeep will soon be purchased by Anthony! </A> Disclaimer: This is not porn!
2001-08-08 22:10:56 – The Disco Nova
as the only non geek that reads this page, I think you should go to his house, and kick his ass
2001-08-08 23:55:50 – realbighead
First, a nerdly comment, secondly, a still-nerdly-yet-pertinent comment. First off, had you bothered to look at the source code at all, you would notice that he is solid frames, with crappy learned-HTML-from-a-book meta tags. You, on the other hand, use scripts and tables. I’d imagine that it’s quite a difficult translation to make, esp. if he’s so incompetent as to outright gank your website. So, in short, your e-mail’s gonna flop and you’re a paranoid tard. Gawd. Secondly: Matt, what’s yer damn number and when will you next be in the springs, cuz I’m out for coffee damn near every night, and your ass needs to drop by sometime (partly so that I look less desparate). To reiterate: randal, you’re dumb. matt, gimme a call. The rest of you: lick my damn balls. Unless you’re female and attractive. Then we have better uses for your mouth. < serious face> < serious face> < bursts into laughter> < guffawing so hard he falls out of chair> < gets jumped by feminazi gang and beaten to death> < is damned to an eternity of reading Ayn Rand> Peace out, everyone.
2001-08-08 23:57:13 – m3 = m4d 1337
your site sucks, it fucked up all my carefully formatted text… I hate you!!!!!! sux, news at 11. k thx.
2001-08-09 00:57:54 – Burnz
1st: I am certainly not a geek and I read this site so lick rand0m’s ballz, they need it. 2nd: Did you mean me Matt? If so then I will be in the springs tomorrow. If you meant another Matt, lick your own ballz. 3rd: Jeep=Cars for straight guys=They wouldn’t let Tony buy one!
2001-08-09 01:01:34 – Burnz
4th: 687-6981 is my number. But don’t give it to the bitches, they just call me for sex or preposals of marriage, and frankly I am sick of it.
2001-08-09 12:02:26 – The Disco Noca
randall, got a proposal for you, call 591-5009 ext 1601 asap
2001-08-09 17:04:10 – bastard
matt is just pms-ing because tony refuses to give raw dog to the brotha… from what i hear, he will certainly be getting a lot of that in fort collins!
2001-08-09 21:52:53 – Anthony Jerome Anzelmo
I volunteer to write a blog. Something that people won’t expect from me. Not that I care to surprise the adolescent cessant minds of the readers mind you. But then, I digress.
2001-08-09 22:01:03 – The Disco Nova
whats a blog?
2001-08-10 00:15:19 – rand0m
blog == weblog == web log == … it’s an online chronicle. There are a few listed on the right hand side under ‘blogs’; that is outdated however, and should be updated [cough] … I was thinking that when I do the layout switch I’ll have someone do a guest-blog sort of thing, just to keep things even fresher 🙂
2001-08-10 01:45:14 – Laura
heheheehe. today has rocked. my eyebrow has a hole in it, my hair is bright fucking pink, and i got my new pink hi tops…hahaha. ok, you’ll all have to see me before i/you go away. but i’m lazy and seldom home, so email me or give me a call…593-7675…
2001-08-10 08:55:46 – The Disco Nova
your leaving?
2001-08-10 10:45:27 – bastard
they be some fine ho’s up at mardi gras they be willing and tony be fulfilling
2001-08-10 12:41:02 – rand0m
Disco — laura is going to college. I wouldn’t mind seeing her before she left, but I might mind seeing super-hot-pink hair and shoes and associated peircings. hrm. Tony, you are such a stud! You go fulfillin, bruthah!
2001-08-10 13:38:13 – bastard
piercings are sexy, pink hair is sexy
2001-08-10 15:44:14 – The Disco Nova
tongue piercings are the only cool ones. Pink hair might be a little wierd, laura, can you wear a wig when I give you your goodbye skronk?
2001-08-10 15:54:35 – bastard
women can have other piercings that can be VERY sexy
2001-08-10 16:57:46 – rand0m
HAHahahahahHAHahahahhAHaha, he said ‘skronk’ HAhahhhahaahahahaHAHhaa
2001-08-10 18:01:47 – The Disco Nova
Let me start at the top Eyebrow piercing: what’s the points in that? Septum: you wanna look like a bull? Nostril: um ewwww Ear: I’m rather neutral on this one Lip:okay, so you give better blowjobs Nipple: cool until you go to grab some boobage in the middle of skronking, and you tug too hard… Belly Button: Had a bad experience, kept pulling on my stomach hair, felt wierd Hood: pulled on my pubes, even worse Clit: a. I like to have to use SOME effort to get a girl off, most girls with these you can just blow on em… b. Feels wierd, and my dick is the only foreign object that belongs down thar.. If I missed any, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know
2004-06-15 15:58:07 – Ryan L Cross
Yes, that has been a looong time ago (as is obvious by the dates on this post). You were correct in one thing, I was VERY new to PHP. Months into my learning. What you are wrong about was the idea that the page was ripped off from someone else’s site. If you were refering to the purple pages, the site was completely from scratch. If you saw something else, it most likely was updated with my meta information still on the document. The link in your post ( was dead and the link to PC Brokers lead to a completely different design than what I put together all those years ago. Would be interested in what the actual issue was since the over all complaint made no sense without seeing what the pages looked like at the time this post was writen.