wowsah, it works!

Okay, so finally works right. If anyone wants to be cool and go there and order this $.18 item on a credit card to test it, that would be nifty — there’s even free shipping! Let me know if you do.

So, I finally got that done, which is quite the relief. Other than that not much is going on; tony moved into his new place not too long ago, so I might go by there sometime to check it out. Don’t know if I’ll stop, mind you; JP, Jean and co live there, and I have zero desire to associate with them … other than that, I’m supposed to start @ gateway on monday, which is cool. I can’t think of anything else right now, besides maybe what to do tonight — I have no plans. Thought I’d mow the lawn and wash some clothes.

2001-08-07 22:34:33 – Laura
yeah, that website is not up and running…suck! i think you messed up somewhere…anyway…
2001-08-08 00:03:32 – The Disco Nova
sigh, I’m depressed. Anyone know where I can get a real girlfriend instead of this endless parade of one and two night stands?
2001-08-08 00:27:36 – Burnz
You are complaining about 1 and 2 night stands? You want a steady leashmaster that can only be truly controlled by swinging a floor lamp menacingly? I do not think I am following you…I must be lost.
2001-08-08 02:29:10 – Laura
yeah, randal, i was wet *and* naked because i was in the shower. you’re a pervert. hehe
2001-08-08 04:06:06 – nell
something else off topic just so janelle can complain (again) to several people at one time: it is 4 a.m. (really 5 to me cuz i come from chicago) and i just got home. our 10:15 flight out of chicago was delayed until 12:45. and then i had to drive home from DIA (where we got in at 2 colorado time, 3 chicago time). didn’t something like this happen like two weeks ago to me? i’m very depressed. first i am going to shower, then sleep, then cry for days. anyway, to somewhat relate this… uhh… i feel like associating w/ people sometime soon. 😉 good night.
2001-08-08 07:38:07 – The Disco Nova
for some reason I always feel like that right after one of my one night stands, no clue why
2001-08-08 08:28:03 – The Disco Nova
and laura, where the hell did that come from?
2001-08-08 08:59:43 – bastard
Today is one of those days where yours falsely listens to his classic rock songs of love and devotion <Tony’s feeling lonely>: Mammas and the Pappas – California Dreaming Led Zeppelin – Going to California America – Ventura Highway CSN&Y – Wooden Ships etc…. any other good recommendations?
2001-08-08 09:55:26 – Burnz
*sigh*. What a weepy type group you all sound like on this post. I would almost rather we go back to Laura and Disco jumping all up in the others’ ass. And I would like to see you little piggys before I move my happy ass, which means soon kids, preferrably with some fermented beverage, but if I have to listen to you sober then I will. And Tony, just drop your new number to me here rather than trying to call me.
2001-08-08 10:27:25 – bastard
2821206 or 2B0C56 for the uber-geek
2001-08-08 10:36:52 – rand0m
hey … yea, probably gonna have a bruhaha at my place this weekend … sorry to hear about the shitty flying experience, nell — at least mine was good 😉 Oh yea, the links above don’t work because we had our primary server smoke it’s motherboard last night; I was there until late. The database machine is now the case for the dead primary machine, and we have no db, and the above links want db, but there is none, so tough. I’ll be resolving that today. bastard, seriously, lay off the nerd-ness. Sure, this sight is ran by a complete fucking geek, but at least it doesn’t show [much].
2001-08-08 11:31:27 – bastard
so yeah, anyway, you are all invited over to the new casa de college-students! houseparty labor day weekend!!!
2001-08-08 14:05:37 – The Disco Nova
well, if anyone wants to come skating with me tonight (I’m trying to get un-fat) then call 573-5756 before 7:30, I’m going to BosaNova
2001-08-08 17:43:27 – bastard
OH SHIT!!! AK1200 is in denver tomorrow night, 6$ cover. I am definitely going up there and gonna try to get craig to go to. Fuck rave on the rocks and that 50$ bullshit!!!
2001-08-08 17:48:19 – The Disco Nova
okay, I’ll bite, what is AK1200 and why is it worth 6$ and a drive to denver?
2001-08-08 17:50:10 – bastard
AK1200 is the best DJ, IMO Drum and bass, massive sound and 44$ cheaper than rave on the rocks