oOoOoOoooOo, pretty

and i'll have it for 6 whole months!And here we have a picture of me, surrounded by red? I can see everyone out there in internet land saying “why?” And, as always, I shall come through with an answer. This is a scan of my current driver’s license — a red license. That means that it has certain restrictions about how often I can aimlessly drive around [not very often].

Today was a rather boring day. Didn’t do much at all. Well, not true. I did quite a few things, but nothing of much importance. The best part, imo, was sitting at the park, where I observed and thought some fascinating things, of which I will copy out of my e-journal and post later tonight. I also entertained an e-mail from Gateway about a possible employment opportunity, and another from, another local ISP who wants me. That is heart warming. I plan to thoroughly waste another night away, much like I did last night. [sigh]

I will not be posting what I wrote in my journal. sorry. however, I have found out something interesting, completely by chance. I don’t know how true it is, but boredome is the physical manifestation of one’s lack of motivation. I have lots of shit to do, but am not motivated to do it. And I am very bored, despite the large amounts of things I have to do. odd that, eh?

2001-07-02 23:56:58 – The Disco Nova
What the heck did you do to your hair?
2001-07-03 00:44:26 – Burnz
It is true. Boredome comes not only from having nothing to do, although that can be a cause, but also from not wanting to do anything. Needless to say it can become a lifestyle. Anyone want to sit on the lawn and get stoned?
2001-07-03 01:02:00 – rand0m
I got it cut … it was about an inch and a half long, then I got it cut pretty short — my parents are out of town forever, and I don’t want to have to go get a haircut while they’re gone [$$$]. So it’s short. The pic is a little misleading; my head is tilted up so it looks like I’m shaved. I am not … Sitting outside and having a nice frosty strawberry shake or something would be great. 🙂
2001-07-03 08:17:31 – laura
randal looks like a freaky pumpkin head.
2001-07-05 11:33:13 – Siaokh
Whoah… new liscenses… i think i’ve seen them before. and i agree with laura… freaky randall pumpkin head. look at the bright side… atleast you CAN drive now. And if you get pulled over… you were doing something within your restrictions 🙂 Or, your ill grandmother needed help getting to the airport. *Trippy fun for your desktop* back to playing pogo -Tim