how ya doin?

Click for the fullscreen picture!That’s the line that my grandfather says whenever he sees anyone. I don’t know why I thought that just now, but I did, so it is the title of this post. To the right, we see the epitome of how great things can be. Just look at that — the complete and utter lack of caring about anything except a good brew and a good show. ahhh, that’s the life.

In other news, life still sucks for a little bit. Went to a driving class today, and it sucked. Then, I did nothing tonight. On a saturday night — that hasn’t happened in a long time. Tomorrow I will pull all the hoo-haa off my truck in an attempt to make it not stick out at all … sad, but true.

Don’t have my license back until monday — and either I need a ride up there at 7:30 am, or I’ll drive up there. If I get a ride, then I’ll probably have to come back to my house when done so I can get my truck: errands to run on monday [voicestream and a thing for work].

It is July 1st. You know what that means? Well, three things. The fourth is just 3 days away. My birthday is just 15 days away, and, most importantly, I have to manually move the date forward one day on my watch, off of 31, because June is a panty-waist and has only 30 days. ‘night.