feels like it’s been a while since I posted, but it’s only been [goes and checks] … 2 days! Holy Cow! Anywho, here’s a quick recap for the day …

woke up [10am-ish]
went downtown
went to janelle’s
went to the mall
went to craig’s
went to tony’s [party]
came home

Wow, lots of wenting … Spending some time with janelle was really nice; not something I get to do often. We talked over a couple of things, as is usually the case, and it was good. The mall was okay; I bought some cargos from the clearance rack @ GAP. i picked up craig and went to tony’s place. tony’s party was fun, but no one showed. that part sucked. the queso was good though.

I realized a couple of things recently:
1. you don’t know what you have till it’s gone == true
2. the people around you *do* affect you
3. alcohol is definitely not a friend
4. gas is too damn expensive
5. i do not sleep, eat or work out enough

btw, quotes are updated — sound off in the comments.

2001-04-22 14:21:51 – LAURA!
randal, wow, what realizations 🙂 here are mine. 1. you may not know what you have until it’s gone, but it’s crazy to dwell on that fact, or try to predict what isn’t going to be in your life anymore, and what is. i think that leads to paranoia. 2. the people around us affect us…yeah. 3. alcohol is fun! yay! <do i sound like i go to CU, yet?>, but when it becomes your friend, that means you need to be going 12-step, so, i’m glad you’re not an alcoholic, yet 🙂 4. gas is about twenty cents more in Boulder. 5. no one sleeps, eats, or works out enough unless they are rich and/or famous and have a personal trainer that lives in the spare bedroom in the basement. love ya