laaazy daaays

It’s a lazy sunday, let me tell you. I woke up around 10, but didn’t do anything all morning. Went to church, stopped by janelle’s work and came home. That’s been about it …

My parents have officially decided to move to Utah. They have chosen a house and the paperwork is started; they will be living in utah by the second week of august.

A tentative house hunt begins — I’m thinking of seeing if I can get a place with craig, possibly with matt & tony in there. Would be nice to have tony, cuz then we’d have his huge-ass tv & playstation 2. Craig needs a place by the end of next month; I want to help him, but don’t see myself able to; I have a place till the end of july, and I’m not too hot on spending money on a place if I don’t have to.

My thinking is to either get a house or to get a *huge* apartment; cramped is bad. I mean bad. Gotta have space. Gotta have bucks, too. Workin’ on that one.

2002-01-19 14:56:31 – rand0m
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