July 15th, and all is well

I went out last night with Sammi. Man, she sure is awesome. I had a really good time 😀 *swoon, recover* Tonight is the eve of my 21st birthday. I didn’t think I’d make it this far, honestly. In celebration of this blessed time of my life, I am going to my parent’s place for dinner and presents and such, and then I am embarking on a several-day long voyage of drunkeness. This is going to consist of 1) Getting really, really shitfaced downtown post-midnight tonight 2) Having a beer with the coworkers tomorrow for lunch 3) Going to Bristol Brewery tomorrow with Sammi 4) Getting really shitfaced tomorrow night and 5) Having a weekend of complete and utter drunkeness/debauchery. If you are interested in coming along to any of these events, please let me know 🙂 Yay, celebrate alcohol! [b]Update[/b] OKAy so I am tottally crunk and so it mastt./ he’s ntot durnk he says. We went o *IN ORDER* 15C, phnatom canoyun, and then THE RITZ and the n to Jack Quinnss and then ot…. nop wait then we went to jack quients AND THEN we went to the ritz, and then went to TEQIULASA and tehn we went to rumbay. That was goodo. … I ate a chery at RUMABAY! and ti was good. oKAy, very drunk. PHOTOSOS to volllow soon. CHHErs for the 2`1… ready for the repate tomorrow!? Updated: 7/16/2003…. By Tony: Randal peed in the sink at tequilas, it was really funny, xgodadajit, i’m hitting th efuking backsapce button, which is against the norm for this cgoda damnd type of update, fuck you, i’m hearding that rdanla has a huj rwang , haha, according to the mastah, booyah, that mofo is the bombshitnizzle. fuckyall, other than than that, had christina aqnd troy come by and join the initial investigatory committee into getting randal drunk… Other than that, its 230 am, I’ve got pictures loaded on my piece of shit kodak camera, that are fuckin hilarious… but good… that being the essential piece… i’m actually very happy to help matt and randal back to the comfortable recluse to the essential order of drinking… it’s all good it’s all good it’s all good [b]Update 09/08/03[/b] – [L=http://rand0m.org/images/21stbday]Here are some photos from my 21st birthday[/L]

2003-07-15 18:01:35 – Master Ha-reed
"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." – Ben Franklin
2003-07-15 21:23:39 – tony
add to the fact that old ben had sex with dozens of french women, played with fucking lightning, and invented shit, you have yourself an american hero… who i think should be played by ron jeremy in the next videography
2003-07-15 21:24:03 – tony
did i mention that he invented shit… just want to make that clear
2003-07-15 22:12:04 – pinky
hehe. less than two hours til we’re 21. i am not going to drink until tomorrow night, though, just to prove to myself i’m not a total alcoholic. Happy fucking birthday 🙂
2003-07-15 22:18:22 – Netheus
Happy Birthday Laura and Randal!!! woot w00t! Since I have turned 21, I have realized one thing- going out to drink is mindlessly expensive, and a waste of time. But I am entertained by other things… same idea, different outcome. Have fun!!!
2003-07-15 23:41:53 – tony
It is 18 minutes to midnight, I have the camera, it is nigh…
2003-07-15 23:51:57 – rand0m
w0ot! heading out for the night!
2003-07-16 10:43:58 – tony
oh my fuckin head, i’m so fuckin wasted… ohhhhh
2003-07-17 16:08:28 – Master Ha-reed
It’s two days after now – and I’m sure Randal is compounding hangovers at this point. We want to see some pictures Tony!
2003-07-19 00:45:19 – pinky
hey, randal, we’re going out tomorrow night, so don’t make plans. yay alcohol.
2003-07-19 09:05:29 – Netheus
I had the heat sickness yuckies yesterday. So what is bound to happen? Yeah, my mom calls at 4:30 in the morning from detox. Seriously, am I the only one that has this sh^t happen? I was actually hoping it was my little sister. ergh.
2003-07-19 17:40:31 – rand0m
yes, it is just you. 😉
2003-07-19 19:14:36 – Mr Mountains
when all of you guys sober up, you can read this post… Well, our poker game has regulars, which are Willie, Fornander, John, my brother, and then Willie’s crowd, which includes Bremmer, Krempley, and others. Sadly, much of my crowd did not return to the Springs this year. Of course, the limits will be low (25 or 50 cent max bets). Set a time and place, I’ll see if the crod can attend, and we’ll do this shit. Now, when I turn 21 this September, I’ll also get wasted, but after the hangover is over, I’m headed to the nearest casino to win some more beer money.
2003-07-21 10:53:56 – WC
HAHA HA tequillas. Remember the last time we went in there. I got kick out while you use the ATM. AHHAHAHA good times. Ohh yeah. hmm haven’t been drunk in a while and I kinda like waking up with out head-ache/yuckie-ness. I however need some nice KBzz. Sex is my cruch right now heh.
2003-07-24 00:34:11 – Master Ha-reed
Signs you visit Randal’s web site far too often and you’re operating on very little sleep: You spend 5 minutes wondering why your search for "random number generators" is failing when it dawns on you that you’ve been spelling random WITH A FUCKING ‘0’ and not realizing it. When are we gonna see some pictures?
2003-07-24 16:41:36 – Netheus
further signs- you keep the page in your favorites folder, but still type it in just for the sheer pleasure.
2003-07-25 20:36:05 – WC
Further signs your keep the page linked in a http://localhost page. 😉 wo0o0 localhost -> its where the partys at
2003-07-25 20:38:03 – wc
asdf your = you*