Store updates, Oddness and Annie Wadman

So the store thing is going really well. We are planning on opening up pretty soon 😀 … we’ve got our space leased, have picked our telephone #, have our PC ordering all lined up, have the cable-running dates set, everything is really coming together. I’m super stoked. So I called up Signs By Tomorrow the other day to talk about our sign, and guess who answers the phone? Janelle! I sorta sat on the phone for a second, gaping like a fish at the unexpected answerer. Anyway, the sign will be super 😀 I ran into Annie Wadman today at Pikes Perk … she was freaking out about something I [L=]wrote on my page 2+ years ago[/L]. Like, she was totally flipping out, rocking back and forth, doing the sad/hurt/mad ploy which totally doesn’t work when I don’t know you. It was fucked up. Anyway, I added a little note onto the entry.

2003-07-10 22:46:02 – Mr Mountains
Wow, I hadn’t been to this site in a while, I come back, and see maybe the greatest update to a post that I have ever read. Congrats. I didn’t even need to have read it previously, or know who that person was. It was classic.
2003-07-10 23:16:21 – tony
And with a name like ‘wadman’ you know it’s got to be good…
2003-07-10 23:45:49 – Master Ha-reed
Trust me – its much better and funnier if you know who that person is.
2003-07-11 00:36:41 – pinky
maybe you shouldn’t call people easy on your page; just a thought.
2003-07-11 03:54:52 – The Disco Nova
Maybe you should keep saying whatever the hell you want on your site and not worry about people getting upset 🙂
2003-07-11 04:01:25 – Reverend
Wow…women yelling at randal for something he said… that.. i think.. has never happened before!
2003-07-11 10:36:06 – rand0m
I think that we should totally censor the truth from every medium out there because we might offend someone. *smacks laura* I’m gonna go with Disco and continue to do whatever the hell I want.
2003-07-11 12:26:42 – tony
So when is your opening party for the cybercafe? I’ll buy a keg, whatever you want.
2003-07-11 13:04:22 – Netheus
someone upset for over 2 years about what you wrote. Jesus Christ. But that does say a lot about this site- it must be the clearing house for *all* information pertaining to the sex lives of everyone in Colorado Springs!!!
2003-07-11 13:14:11 – pinky
so, you admit in your post that you didn’t actually think she was a slut, so when you wrote it on your page, it wasn’t the truth, and hence, you were just being an asshole. if that’s not really what you meant, then you just should have told her you thought she was still a slut, and then there wouldn’t be a truth issue. moo
2003-07-11 13:31:38 – The Disco Nova
The Asshole Council concurs with your assessment. Randall is wise in the Ways of the Ass, and is ready for the elevation to full Asshole. However, we still sense much fear in him.
2003-07-11 13:41:40 – rand0m
Ahh yes, but at the time this young Asshole padowan, having little experience in the way of girls, could not spot the difference between "slut" and "cocktease". At the time I was in post-breakup AKA Serious Asshole mode — In this case, ignorance begat assholeness, and that’s how the world turns. Despite my reasoning powers and female wooing abilities, I still cannot discern any female emotion beyond happy, sad and pissed. And although not an emotion, crazy. In this case, I’m going to label Laura as "pissed" and "crazy".
2003-07-11 13:45:11 – The Disco Nova
I would like to interject at this time to say that a "Slut" is merely a woman with the morals of a man. That being said, we need more of them.
2003-07-11 22:17:12 – Nethe-poo
oh, poor randal. Not being able to sense the subtle emotional ripples of a woman. This is why I don’t understand why there aren’t more lesbians…..
2003-07-12 13:58:46 – WC
HAHAHAHA nice assesment about Laura, rofl. <my$.02> Haven’t seen Annie in a while, my back then I totally agree with your comment. My thoughts are… if your going to regret what someone says about you and your actions later in life, and you know it could be morally wrong – DON’T DO IT! (of course there is always going to be the nesayer – whatever) </my$.02> -GO RANDAL! wo0o!
2003-07-13 12:25:54 – pinky
yes, your assesment of me was correct and well-informed. please, keep making such assesments. and craig, you can start as well, since apparently you were smart enough to catch on the the complete accuracy of his statement.
2003-07-13 13:24:06 – The Disco Nova
That reminds me, you forgot the other female emotion of "needing to get laid", although I suppose you could include that in with "pissed".
2003-07-13 14:08:11 – pinky
very clever, james. but i’m probably getting laid more than you are, so go climb back into your hole.
2003-07-13 15:57:05 – Netheus
Married= getting laid more than all you. Combined!!! Moohahahahahahahaha!!!
2003-07-13 16:40:11 – The Disco Nova
I only sleep with women I respect nowadays, so I haven’t gotten laid in a while, you’re right. 🙂
2003-07-13 18:27:34 – Mr Mountains
Hey, our (my) poker games recently have been woefully under attended due to the siren call of college in another state. 5 regualrs just isn’t enough. I was wondering if you guys wanted to organize a game some time. Just a thought.
2003-07-13 18:46:44 – rand0m
I’m game, as long as it’s low-ball (nickel/dime/quarter) … cuz you know, not all of us are high-rollers 😉 … I’m pretty sure Tony’ll be interested too. Who plays w/ yall?
2003-07-14 14:17:41 – Willie (U of P guy)
Did someone say poker?
2003-07-14 16:07:23 – tony
If we do a poker game it’s got to be before randal starts the store up.
2003-07-15 12:30:58 – WC
/me pokes Randal hehehe
2003-07-19 19:11:18 – Mr Mountains
Well, our poker game has regulars, which are Willie, Fornander, John, my brother, and then Willie’s crowd, which includes Bremmer, Krempley, and others. Sadly, much of my crowd did not return to the Springs this year. Of course, the limits will be low (25 or 50 cent max bets). Set a time and place, I’ll see if the crod can attend, and we’ll do this shit.