Ahh yes, another drunken update

I’ve noticed that I only really provide updates when I’m drunk. That is a crying shame, because I am not drunk often enough to keep this page interesting. I went out tonight with Keen, and later Tony. We went over to Phantom Canyon to play pool, but there was a wait. So we went to the Perk to chill. We’re standing there, talking, and I recognize this girl who is Sammi’s best friend. Alas, I did not remember her name, so I called Tore in Santa Fe. He informs me that not only is her name Katie, but that her last name has a J in it. w0ot. He also told me that he is going to Portland, OR on wednesday to see his woman (flying), and that he ordered an Apple iBook 12″. That’s pretty hawt. *On a side note, I would like to say that Sammi is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Not only is she far superior to most any woman I know, but she actually puts on that she enjoys my company! I’m sorry if I fucked stuff up on that last outing … email me! randal@hpi.net *end digression* So I didn’t say Hi to Katie because she was with a group of people, including this girl who I once made a lewd joke to, who then attempted to slap me, but I dodged, so she caught me with her other hand, and Janelle kicked me simultaneously. I do not recall this girl’s name, but I will say that she is much hotter now than she was a couple years ago. So we went back to Phantom Canyon and played some pool. God, I love pool. Sammi’s really good at pool, and so is Tony. But I am not totally smitten with Tony, so he doesn’t count as much. Anyway, we played pool, and I won my fair share, and I went to the bathroom one time, and these three guys were totally toking up. Like, WOW. So I’m standing there, peeing, drunk, and just start cracking up … and the potheads start laughing too. So I walk over and chitchat for a minute, laugh a lot, and then walk out … no problem 😀 Then we proceeded to get totally trashed and eat two orders of brewery chips. That was yummy. I will say, however, that Phantom Canyon does not have a very high PPSI (poon per square inch), but it is a better environment than Sticks. Also, I had a meeting with Andrew and such about our store. Got a lot of stuff hashed out, and we are proceeding as planned. I can’t wait until opening day 😀

2003-07-26 09:59:58 – realbighead
thats’s powerbook, not ibook. and they finally shipped it… looks like I’ll be flying with it after all. and I changed my mind about the name… I think it actually has a "d" in it, not a "j".
2003-07-26 12:55:35 – The Disco Nova
You didn’t go to LQ bum. We had a blast.
2003-07-26 15:57:55 – Netheus
Sliced bread, eh? i like the sliced cheese… it’s cheesey… Also, it is always good to say hi regardless when considering a girl’s friends, especially if they recognize you. I don’t think Samantha would care too too much, but in the interest of better society, if you don’t say hi, and they recognize you, they will assume sh*t that isn’t true, and be b*tchy.
2003-07-27 01:06:23 – WC
wo0ah look at the time. I just got done playing many hours (6) of Rainbow Six: Raven Shield. Great CT game. The graphics are supberb (Since it runs on the UT2k3 engine) I recommend you give it a whirl. Very hard in parts of the game. Still a little buggy here and there but I here Ubi is getting ready to release some big patches for it. But anyway, I got in touch with one of my best friends (Brian) from growing up yesterday. He is doing ok. Randal when is opening day for your shop? I wanna come down before it opens and party while you are still free. Lemme know. ~peace.
2003-07-27 07:00:55 – Netheus
ubi= latin for "where" semper ubi sub ubi = "always where under where" (always wear underwear) hee hee hee hee hee so funny hee hee hee hee
2003-07-28 08:45:14 – realbighead
jesus, these comments look like some kind of geek manifesto… very frightening. Someone say something about beer and pussy quick, before someone figures us out!
2003-07-28 12:17:59 – Master Ha-reed
while(available($hard_liquor)) { $beer = "bad"; } while (1 == 1) { $pussy = "good"; }
2003-07-29 16:59:21 – WC
bool pussy; int numGirl = 1; while (numGirl >0) { pussy = true; }
2003-07-31 12:12:32 – WC
*cricket noises* I’ve got Randal pr0n! [L=http://www.whackbox.com/albums/everlan/IMG_1593_Large.sized.jpg]Pic 1[/L] [L=http://www.whackbox.com/albums/everlan/IMG_1498_Large.sized.jpg]Pic 2[/L] -~Enjoy 😉
2003-07-31 14:37:44 – rand0m
This is the worst comment thread evar.
2003-07-31 14:43:36 – The Disco Nova
I concur.
2003-07-31 18:31:57 – Netheus
so randal, how is the store coming? all the machines in? get your credit card processing machine/ cash register? Buisness license? stock traded on the NYSE?