July 4th Cookout!

We are having a get together at our place tomorrow, July 4th to grill up lots of meat and have a yea old time. [b]Who[/b]: You, your meat, alcohol,and a friend. [b]What[/b]: Barbecue Cookout Thing [b]When[/b]: 2pm – 7pm, 07/04 [b]Where[/b]: Team Weber, 423 N. Weber ([L=http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?country=US&addtohistory=&address=423+N.+Weber&city=Colorado+Springs&state=CO&zipcode=80903&homesubmit=Get+Map]map[/L]) [b]Why[/b]: It’s Independence Day! [b]Note[/b]: We are providing a hot grill, some hamburgers and a 12pack of beer. That’s it. Please bring meat, or at least money to buy meat with. We are poor after the last party. See you there!

2003-07-03 12:34:29 – The Disco Nova
I will try to remember to bring my meat.
2003-07-03 12:35:47 – Netheus
haha… Nova has to "remember" to bring his meat…. I knew it was detachable!!
2003-07-03 12:55:04 – mark
what kind of party is this that only goes till 7? You guys are real hardcorps. Should I bring the Snoopy Snow Cone Machine, or is that taken care of?
2003-07-03 13:25:38 – pinky
i won’t be able to make it, but i think i’m having a party up in la boulder to celebrate my birthday, so you all will probably be invited to that. 🙂 have fun, jerks!
2003-07-04 12:05:15 – The Disco Nova
I have friends coming, so if you see a 3 foot tall woman with a 6 foot tall man, say hi to them.
2003-07-04 20:30:45 – WC
Fuck I missed everyone. Ohh well. I hope everyone has a happy 4th! wo0t!!! ~Peace
2003-07-05 13:49:19 – betty
yea it was fun, but it got better once we hit memorial park… for BBVD! They were awesome, I’m just kinda sad that I didn’t have a date… but my buddy Randal helped my out being my "date" for the evening… thanks man… the fireworks were nothing special, the end was kinda kool though… thats about it… and a helpful hint for anybody who dances… never ever dance in sandals, in grass… you will regret it for a long time… and thanx boys for inviting me to your party.. i had fun… lots of fun… love you guys!
2003-07-08 12:12:01 – WC
<chanting in background> You here that? The natives are getting restless for new content! Post something – anything. Talk about EverLan, your life, how life is good, sex, beer, drugs, your new store ANYTHING! k, I thats all for now.
2003-07-08 23:15:49 – Netheus
sometimes…. I think the shitte i watch and read is even a bit to subversive for even me. It’s like the difference between making a cross with a couple sticks, or drawing a circle in the right direction and inter-twining 5 sticks, versus wearing mindless jewelry to indicate stature instead of faith or mindset…. argh…. I need to go to school to take my mind off things….
2003-07-10 18:39:25 – Netheus
1. Carolyn isn’t coming to visit this year. 🙁 2. Pirates of the Carribean (sp?) has one redeeming value. Yes, it’s Johnny Depp, and not just because he is a hot piece (and is he….drooolllll), but because he was the only actor in the movie. The only one that brought life to his charecter in any remote way. I hate Disney. 3. I need money. Taking donations!! (my step-mom paid for me to go see Pirates, so there)
2003-07-10 19:28:29 – Master Ha-reed
Pirates… has something for the guys too – lovely Keira :=P