WOO Biznass!

Alright, so the gist is this: I am not buying the Jeep, despite it’s attractiveness, for two (2) reasons: 1) too many miles. 160k is quite a bit. and 2) I’m being financially responsible and paying off all my debt. I took all my grandios DoD contracting paychecks and applied them to my more than equally grandios debts. So my credit score has shot through the roof, but I have no cash. BUT, see below. Our plan to open up a CyberCafe is on the road, 100%. I’ve been busting my ass putting together the business plan — it’s 20% writing and 80% phone calls / projections / letters / other legwork. Quite the learning experience, and definitely for the better — a lot invigorating, a lot scary. It’s going to happen, though, and I’m fucking stoked. Oh, and the plan is to use the income from the CyberCafe to buy a new vehicle 😀 Heard a pretty profound statement from Jack (of all people) the other day: [i]Experience begets wisdom; Rules beget obedience.[/i] It’s pretty true, imo. I know a couple seriously repressed people and all they do is follow the rules. No adventure, no getting out and doing what they want — only doing what *others* want. I know all about this, and it rings true. It makes me feel sorry for people who are sheltered. ahh well. Went out with Keen, Livia and a guy named Thane today. That was a good time. It’s nice to hang out with intellectual people who are not coworkers ;-). We had a good time just shooting the shit over at Shuga’s … we even discussed [L=http://www.intellectualwhores.com/masterladder.html]Ladder Theory[/L]. It was a good time. So yea, I’m hot to trot for Becky. She’s really nice and all, but I think this other guy named John is going for her, and she spends a lot more time with that crowd than with our crowd, which bodes not well for me striking up the romance. She’s off in Kansas this weekend though, so I’ll see if I can arrange something for next week; I’ll make sure you keep ya’ll up to date on my love interests 😉

2003-04-19 14:25:54 – netheus
randy in the bid-ness!!!! w00t w00t!!
2003-04-19 16:35:16 – The Disco Nova
That has got to be the coolest thing I have read this year.
2003-04-19 19:17:42 – rand0m
which part? there’s a lot of content up there 😉
2003-04-19 21:08:09 – The Disco Nova
The Ladder Theory
2003-04-19 21:19:13 – Master Ha-reed
Disco, you’ve got to get with the times. There was a big bitchfest on my site months ago about the ladder theory.
2003-04-19 22:24:08 – rand0m
I think there are two reasons that Ladder Theory is suddenly interesting here: 1. Your site gets no credence compared to rand0m.org 2. Your site sucks and gets no traffic, so content is worthless. Ha! 😉
2003-04-19 23:48:45 – Master Ha-reed
I’ll give you #1 – but as for #2, I do average about 75 hits a day – not all of them are unique though. You forgot the most important part though: 3. The comments on rand0m.org are (if you can believe it) often more intelligent than the comments on my site. I blame the thatsalsotrue folks and my high school class.
2003-04-21 02:48:01 – tony
Up late watching HBO and watched this movie the "Big Easy". Saw a scene where a lady walks into a place called "Antoine’s Restaurant." Which was pretty cool because I went there one night while at Mardi Gras in ’99 with about 12 other people to eat dinner. Kind of a cool Jack Kerouac Deja Vu thing.
2003-04-24 01:39:40 – Mr Mountains
Blame all you want, but the point of web boards (especially for us college students) is to entertain. We at thatsalsotrue are secure enough in our intellegence to not have to talk endlessly about solutions to world problems or what our view points are on the war. Besides, most of what is said is just repeated over and over and is often just plain obvious. Why not write poems about fantasy baseball trades or debate ninja turtles and talk about soiling one’s pants for the heck of it? I know its a heck of a lot more fun and probably more origional than…politics, christ! So have fun with your intelligent posts and blame "us" for lowering the IQ level on your comments section. We are all impressed with your much more mature sodomy discussion . . . which is really involved, by the way.
2003-04-24 08:44:36 – rand0m
I’m not the one who says that rand0m.org commenters are better than the people at seehafer.net/thatsalsotrue.tk … I think it’s jared who said that 98% of his comments must be from complete morons. I mean, I’m not disagreeing at all, but we at rand0m.org aren’t all high and mighty. usually.
2003-04-24 10:48:14 – Mr Mountains
Yeah, that last tirade was directed at comments made by Jared on this site, not yourself, although the content applies as well.
2003-04-25 18:49:01 – Netheus
F%ck you guys. I am turning 21 in 13 days!!!! WOOOO!!!!
2003-04-26 02:13:11 – The Disco Nova
So do you want us to draw straws or are you up to all of us at once?
2003-04-26 04:05:43 – The Disco Nova
Btw Randalll, I finally finished Dling a good DVD quality copy of equilibrium, I’ll have to burn you a copy.