So I’m probably going to buy this Jeep I’ve been eyeing. It’s a red 1988 Cherokee Limited: 4.0L I6 EFI engine (runs very well) AW4 Tranny (very reliable — works great) Power everything (seats, windows, locks etc) A/C Decent stereo Perfect Black Leather Interior Bronze-styling wheels (bling bling) Back window washer works! 160k trouble free miles I test drove it today, runs great. He put a new water pump in it 3 weeks ago and new o-rings 7 months ago. Has a checkup and maintenance record dating back to 1995. Has an immaculate interior and does 75 with no problem. Guy is asking $3000, said I’d do $2800, told him to hold onto it for me till monday — I’ll check the finances and run it by a couple insurance companies and see what they say. I’m stoked, because it’s very nice. Opinions?

2003-04-12 18:59:07 – pinky
my friend rolled his jeep a few weeks ago and got a shattered foot. this kid on legislative council with me was riding in a jeep over thanksgiving, it rolled, and he’s dead. how is gas mileage? i bet it can’t be worse that the truck, or can it?
2003-04-12 20:02:00 – Netheus
ummm….. good points, both. but I’d have to put the deciding factor on gas mileage. Although we don’t really have to worry about it that much living downtown, it will kill your pocket book if you do decide to take a long range trip. But I would rather have one of those hybrids that gets like 70 miles to the gallon.
2003-04-13 01:27:15 – homesick girl
speaking of long range trips, you should drive your jeep out here and see me. better yet, drive it out here and pick me up and take me to a better place. whisk me off into the sunset. please? ask me how bad i wish i weren’t in iowa right now
2003-04-13 08:58:34 – Netheus
I Outhgta Went Around
2003-04-13 18:19:12 – Mike
It´s simply stupid to buy a 15 year old car, it belongs in the garbage! Buy a brand new Grand Cherokee Limited Ed. 03" model, then we are talking….
2003-04-14 00:09:35 – Master Ha-reed
I present an atrocity friends: [L=][/L] Randal – youre going to have to attract some traffic to fix this. And on something actually related to the post – yeah a Jeep has shitty gas mileage, and its prone to rollovers (dont make quick turns when driving fast with high wind speeds – even when youre trying to scare friends), but its still a decent vehicle. The problem with the hybrid cars is that a) you cant find used ones – at least i dont think so and b) they really dont help with that "masculine image". Sure, Randal could probably get a pink Beetle with flowers on it thats cheap – but I dont know if he’d want to drive around in it.
2003-04-14 04:48:42 – The Disco Nova
So I’m back from NCRE 8. I had alot of fun, and got all the partying out of my system for a while, so now I can concentrate on school 🙂
2003-04-14 10:41:53 – Netheus
So are you going to get the jeep? If you do, I wanna come by and see it!
2003-04-14 18:07:52 – The Disco Nova
So I’m moving this weekend, and I think I’m going to have a house warming party. The inventory of liquor I have left over from parties in my hotel rooms(I have a reputation at cons to keep after all) this weekend: 1/3 Handle of Southern Comfort, 3/4 Handle Jose Ceurvo, 1/2 Bottle of Aftershock, 3/4 Handle of some generic Bourbon, 2/3 Handle of Cpt. Morgan, 1/2 bottle of Apple Pucker, unopened bottle of Peppermint Shnapps (sp?), and an almost full bottle of Amaretto. I love it when people leave liquor in my room 🙂
2003-04-14 18:49:45 – rand0m
Moving? Where? and Why?
2003-04-14 18:59:01 – The Disco Nova
Yes, Parkside Apartments (on Pikes Peak past Circle), cheaper, nicer and two bathrooms 🙂
2003-04-14 19:39:59 – Netheus
Right on. When’s the shindig?
2003-04-14 20:40:08 – Master Ha-reed
Heh – I lived there for a while when the family was looking for a new house. One word of advice – the street that runs behind it (that intersects Pikes Peak near the Colorado Opry – or whatever the hell they’re calling it now) tends to attract drive-by shootings and gang warfare.
2003-04-14 21:06:47 – The Disco Nova
It’s a gated community. I have renter’s insurance 🙂
2003-04-14 23:08:39 – Netheus
and quicker than a speeding bullet!
2003-04-15 03:16:54 – CaptnSpectacular [mark]
[im the asshole who hasn’t read this site in a week, so this comments a little late, but…] Randal, I am offended that you would even consider my site more interesting than yours. This is the way I would judge which site is more interesting between the two of ours: 1) Hits. If people like a site/think its interesting, they are likely to come back. I am not sure how many hits you get in a day, but I assume its somewhere around or above the 50 area. I get a craptacular 14. 2) Comments. I have never heard you beg and plea to your readers to comment on your site, whereas on my site, I have done this on no less than 15 occasions. You get at least 15 comments a post, and I have to yell at my friends to get three. The only person who ever comments on my site is my roommate and its because hes tired of hearing me bitch about the lack of comments I get while were watching TV. In conclusion, while your site may not seem interesting to you, I assure you that many people do find it interesting, otherwise, no one would come back and this wouldn’t be the 16th post on here. -mark
2003-04-15 04:13:51 – keener2u
Craptacular! Now that is a $10 word. Next time I play scrabble I will use that.
2003-04-15 09:24:56 – pinky
mmm….doritos and bon jovi.
2003-04-15 09:49:14 – netheus
2003-04-15 17:45:55 – Master Ha-reed
I wouldnt necessarily use hits as a factor of the site being interesting. I get probably 100 hits per day, and my site is less interesting than Randals – and the comments are far stupider. About those comments – the number of comments arent really an indicator either. You can have 100 stupid fucking moron comments or 10 really good ones.
2003-04-15 18:46:23 – The Disco Nova
Yes, and Dice is a regular poster on your blog.
2003-04-15 19:50:53 – Master Ha-reed
I’m still waiting for the Tony v. Dice fight.
2003-04-15 23:57:33 – tony
Alright, so here’s the car I"m looking at: 1995 Automatic Nissan Pathfinder SE 95K Power Everything, Perfect Leather Interior 1500$
2003-04-16 13:13:37 – Netheus
Problem #1: Automatic.
2003-04-16 23:33:01 – WC
Problem #2: Nissan Pathfinder SE
2003-04-17 09:44:08 – Netheus
Nissan is a good company! Remember, when buying cars- DON’T BUY AMERICAN! They fall apart and aren’t reliable.
2003-04-18 10:45:38 – GrooveMan
Well I think you would really like a Jeep, however this one scares me a little. If this guy really did just replace the water pump and the O-rings, that screams over heating issues to me. Something most Jeeps between 85-93 have problems with. What you want to do is take the Jeep out on a hot afternoon and run it around downtown, i.e. lots of stoplights and up hills under load. Watch and see how fast the temp climbs, and where is stops at (if it stops) If the temp is over 250 you could be in trouble. You also might want to ask when was the last time the radiator was flushed, how often does he put water in, stuff like that. You should also check the oil if the engine has been running hot the oil will be a brown color; that is if he hasn’t changed it. Oh well I hope it works out for you, I love my Jeep. Oh and my Bronco, can’t forget the Bronco 😉
2003-04-18 15:50:45 – Matt
wow. 27 comments about the possibility of buying a jeep.
2003-04-18 16:37:16 – rand0m
Not just "buying a jeep" — the "[u]possibility[/u] of buying a jeep". — bringing you worthless rambling for 3+ years. 😀
2003-04-19 00:51:15 – erected
i have a penis!!
2003-04-19 03:30:38 – cunt
i don’t!