happy valentine’s day!

*sigh* I have no valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day, though, to all those wonderful people out there who also don’t have a valentine 😀 I’m tired today. I was up late writing code that mostly works (amazing) … it plots graphs and essentially logs all our traffic so we can tell how much bandwidth people are using. It’s pretty neat. Other than that, I’m irritated at “Directors” who don’t know how to do their jobs … the “IT Director” at the DoD place has been in for the past 3 days doing their thing trying to get it to work. Three days to setup a *software* firewall, a win2k AD Domain w/ 10 users, personal folders for each 10 users and a shared printer. What a fucking joke. And it’s not even trusted to the main company Forest, so the exchange passwords are separate from the local domain passwords. Guh. So … yea, that’s that. I need a (life | girlfriend | betterjob| workingcar | lot more money), but I’m too fucking tired/sissy to get any of them. I’m such a wimp. Guh at myself.

2003-02-17 02:11:56 – CaptnSpectacular
Randal, I’m glad you don’t have a valentine. I don’t have one either. And if you had a valentine, and I didn’t, I would be pissed off. Now, I’m not saying that I’m more swave than you and therefore I should have one before you, but I get pissed off at everyone who has a girlfriend when I don’t. Seriously, I told my friend to fuck off, just because he told me that he has a girlfriend. I also punched my brother in the face just for having a wife. Don’t feel alone on this one, killer. Just do what I do, make love to a sock that some girl left at your house at one of those parties you throw. (1st post)