weekend …

welp, went and did some numbers with Corey RE: our proposed cybercafe, and it looks like it will work. woot. Stayed home and cleaned for 3 hours today, did both bathrooms. Guh. It’s the worst part of cleaning, and I spared my roommates from such a horrible plight. Fucking nasty. And then I stayed home and drank hot cocoa and ate a cheese fajita thing (memories *sigh*) … Decided not to go to the underground because of the outrageous pricing … and then at like 2:30am, James and Mike came by … wtf? So they come by, and we found out there is a party at 430 N Weber! That’s across the street. So after a vicious jager-bomb (yeeaaa jager!), we set off across the street and partied … met some nice peeps, mostly rave people … dunno how I feel about that. Amanda, Steve, James, Mike, Keen and a shitload of other people … met trina and her friend stef, a stripper named Jen (drool), our across-the-street-neighbor Jeremy and all of his house-mates. Was a good time. w3rd. Got my Fed. Tax return. w3rd. Oh, Becky wasn’t there tonight. :-/ I think I like her … ahh well, no chance. Just gotta live it up when I get the chance, I guess. [b][u]UPdate[/u][/b] — Went to Hooters today and met a girl named Holly. Man, what a catch. She loathes working there (does it on the side to bring in extra cash), and gave us a nice dissertation on why it sucks. Very eloquently worded … she’s very smart, has high self-esteem, very witty, and hates the environment that Hooters brings in — on both the employee side and on the customer side. I fell in love with her while listening to her speak. Move over little asian hotty waitress Laura, cuz Holly’s got you beat.

2003-02-09 09:32:12 – WC
That name Jen sounds familier, I vaugely remember a Jen that was a striper that I met down in the springs. Was she the entertainment? 😉 Be nice to the ravers, <-PLUR-> Anyway I got my b-day present from my parents early. They bought me a used 21" Viewsonic 21PS monitor. This thing is sweet, even if it is 8 years old. It beats my old 13" monitor that was 13 years old.
2003-02-09 18:30:30 – rand0m
how old are you gonna be? 21? And when is yer b-day? … and yea, that’s a *huge* monitor. And PLUR is gay. hehehe. Goddamn candy kids … *pokes craig & keen with a stick*
2003-02-09 20:25:11 – Siaokh
If you’re gonna be frequenting hooters more often… see if they’ll make up a batch of "Datona Wings" omg… SO GOOD… but they dont usually make them. The only time i got to try them was because i used to work for the GM at the hooters in the citadel (I worked for him at Laser Quest), and he hooked my buddies and me up. -Tim
2003-02-09 23:19:35 – tony
What are datona <sic> wings? Extra meat, extra hot? Served by naked hooters girls?
2003-02-09 23:29:54 – Netheus
Pathetic Pandering Please Poor Lifeless Losers Live Lying Useless Using Under the Uppity Retards Rohibinol River Ravers or there true motto: Steal, Cheat, Use, Abuse, Fornicate, Hate, Lie, Unemployed, Thoughtlessness, and Total Be a Piece of Shit. Show me a good raver, and I’ll show you a future impediment to the evolution of man kind. Time to start thinin’ the heards.
2003-02-09 23:30:58 – Netheus
I say we start a war pool. I put a dollar on the 17th of Febuary.
2003-02-10 00:28:35 – tony
Raving is not a crime, but raving attracts criminals, nuff said. man oh man, i gotta say, about 6 beers and 2 shots of nyquil, accompanied by al green’s greatest hits will kill any feelings of loneliness and blues that you might have. other than beating the shit out of a baby seal. which one would YOU choose?
2003-02-10 12:05:54 – WC
21 on the 9th of March. mmMMmm hot wings. yum. DAMN IT TIM! you got me all hungry now.
2003-02-10 16:39:06 – Siaokh
There is no describing of the Daytona Wings…. They just are HELLA good. I put a dollar on March 8th. -Tim
2003-02-10 18:46:07 – rand0m
I figure the GW is a normal guy, and likes to hump … so I’m going to go with the 19th. A wednesday. A hump day. *a tumbleweed goes by* Well … in that case, how about the 21st? I hear that if you "fire" people on a Friday, there is less chance of an incident. Let’s see the nuclear death fire already!
2003-02-11 04:52:02 – pinky
i can’t wait to make iraq the largest parking lot near israel…really…whatever, poo on war!
2003-02-11 10:46:02 – Master Ha-reed
And while we’re at it – why dont we take out the rest of the Middle East? Even Saudi Arabia, because while we call them friends, we all know deep down that all Arabs are bad, and that nuclear is really pronounced "nuk-u-lar".
2003-02-12 00:37:52 – tony
jeepers jolly… ain’t it great personally, i think, that boulder is the first one to go when shit hits the fan, next to all those other towns that put up ceramic penis’ in their public libraries.
2003-02-12 02:16:42 – pinky
actually, colorado springs will be one of the first to go, and no one cares about boulder. and your comment makes me want to say "fuck off"
2003-02-12 11:40:19 – Master Ha-reed
Right – although I dont know of its strategic value in the kind of response terrorists would launch – in a "real" war, good old Colorado Springs is the #2 target – next to D.C.
2003-02-12 13:22:00 – rand0m
I’m not so sure about that … I mean, sure we’ve got NORAD and a bunch of Air Force / DoD stuff here, but come on, there are *much* jucier targets on the east coast, like NYC, all of Maryland & Virginia … I mean, you take out the brass and our whole country goes to piss. :-/
2003-02-12 17:54:13 – tony
Woah, hold the phone Don’t forget the capitol of the liberal media tout le monde, that’s right, HOLLYWOOD Wipe them out and there goes all of our mass media entertainment and smut/porn That would be chaos
2003-02-12 23:33:48 – Siaokh
How DARE you threaten my porn! -Tim
2003-02-13 01:56:17 – The Disco Nova
Sigh, let me solve this for you guys. US Space Command Army Space Command Naval Space Command Air Force Space Command Shriever AFB – Contains most of the equipment and personnel that flys all those military sattelites around. Peterson AFB – Is a HUGE military communications hub. Air Force Academy – Where train most of our pilots. Ft Carson – In addition to a massive amount of troops and equipment, 10th Special Forces is stationed there. Cheyenne Mountain – Is one of the the communications hubs in the event of a nuclear war or missile event.
2003-02-13 08:23:09 – rand0m
See? What a little podunk, worthless place Colorado Springs is to hit …
2003-02-14 04:25:23 – WC
Anyone wanna move with me to the Netherlands? I hear the women are great, the mountains are gorgeous and the pot is legal. 🙂 Besides that, they are a neutral country and are as good tech wise as the US. (At least they have full 3G cell phone stuff, something we don’t have)
2003-02-14 12:34:38 – fourdegrees
yeah, i’m all for switzerland. neutral, lots of skiing, chocolate, and swiss ladies…how do you beat that? horray for ‘conscientious objector’ status… 😛
2003-02-14 23:59:55 – Master Ha-reed
Yes…. about that ‘conscientious objector’ thing – in Vietnam what often happened was that since conscientious objectors take non-combat roles, they were often put in as medics. And who do you shoot after the leader and the radio guy? The medic.