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Went out and saw a movie last night and tonight, and then went to the perk after tonight’s movie. We were there, and saw [L=]Anna-Lisa and Holly[/L], and then met some of their friends, Tyler, Tom and Phil. They were pretty cool. We also saw Beth2, but she was pretty icey. And that was that. Saw The Recruit and Dare Devil recently. Recruit was pretty good, but it seemd like it was a rehashed plot, with new people (Collin Farrell & Al Pacino). Still and enjoyable movie … I especially liked … what’s her name … I don’t know, the hot chick. Dare Devil was also good (Afleck, Garner, Duncan and Farrell), but more in an action-packed-comic-book movie way. I’d recommend seeing both — especially if you can bring a woman along. On that note, I have found out that I am hopeless when it comes to girls. Maybe I’m just a huge dork. Or Mothra. And Tony is Godzilla, what with knocking down buildings and stumbling back into the sea (inside joke). Yes, back to Mothra. You know, attracted to flame, then I blow it, and flit away, nursing my little burnt wing tips. Damn those sensitive wings! Now that I have successfully derailed that train, I would like it to be known that although I think a girl is great *sigh*, there is, once again, no chance. I got the curb drop off the other night, which is a sure sign of “just friends pal, hit the road.” Hrmph. [b]Update[/b] – Forgot to mention that I picked up Kevin Mitnick’s “Art of Deception” today from Borders up north … Didn’t see him, but amazingly, Burnz still works there! I guess he knows how to do one thing right. There was a chick named Beth there, and OMG, hottt. Oh, and I picked up a slew of networking materials so I can take some cert tests and maybe get a pay raise? Oh, and the networking for the new job … hahaha, what a joke. Those guys from back east don’t know jack. …

2003-02-16 11:26:02 – tony
Yesterday I rode my snowboard at Winter Park in the best powder ever. I’m thinking of going again tomorrow, anybody interested? It’s either that or Copper, but definitely getting into more of that fresh powder.
2003-02-17 10:23:31 – WC
Speaking of Dare Devil check out today’s [L=]Penny Arcade[/L] hehe
2003-02-17 11:34:43 – Master Ha-reed
Haha – I heartily agree w/ the Penny Arcade comic. Randal – how is Mitnick’s book?
2003-02-17 23:00:26 – Master Ha-reed
I find it funny that Randal comments more on [L=]my site[/L] than he does on his own.
2003-02-18 08:33:55 – rand0m
That’s because my site, although it gets shitloads of traffic, has a very, very small base of people that comment. I’m guessing it has something to do with my shitty content — I can only rehash the same comment-evoking subjects so many times.
2003-02-18 14:07:07 – Siaokh
and the top 5 things randal rehashes… 1) he’s lonely 2) he’s lonely 3) he needs to get laid 4) what’s her name that dumped him EONS ago and… 5) truck is broke
2003-02-18 14:47:35 – rand0m
stfu :-/
2003-02-18 15:38:57 – The Disco Nova
I recognize Randall’s symptoms. He is going through a Secondary Break-up Depression. It usually happens about 1-2 years after the Primary Breakup Depression. It is caused by forgetting all the negative factors of the old girlfriend. The subject will begin to compare all his potential mates against the old girlfriend, and find all of them lacking, leading to a lack of effort on his part. The cure for this affliction is to scrutinize his memory of the old relationship, and realize that it actually wasn’t as good as he remembered, thereby leading to recovery.
2003-02-18 16:15:09 – pinky
not to be a catty bitch, but how about all y’all get the fuck over it already. and, from my experience randal seems well over what’s her name, and really, maybe you all read too much into stuff. just my fucking two cents.
2003-02-18 18:43:00 – realbighead
and since her two cents are fucking, and everyone else’s problem seems to be that they are not, maybe her two cents know something you don’t. back in the sprizzangs March 7-9, btw; clear out your schedules for my bad-ass self in there sometime.
2003-02-18 22:36:15 – pinky
my two cents do know more. and i’m gonna be in DC from the 7th through 9th…woo woo. screw all y’all whose schools don’t send you to far away places. 🙂
2003-02-19 12:34:56 – Netheus
I am depressed.
2003-02-19 12:42:20 – Netheus
Myabe I should expand- no… I won’t blog. I promissed myself… I’m just sick of all the shit going on.
2003-02-19 12:53:09 – WC
If you are feeling depressed you should go do something fun. Go shopping. Go eat some ice cream. Ask a good friend for a back scratch. I think Randal has a lot more problems going in life than he’d care to share about. If he is feeling bad, he’s probably just covering it up with something lame, like being single. YOU WERE BORN SINGLE, deal with it.
2003-02-19 16:58:38 – Tyler
You so didn’t meet me. But points on remembering all the names.