trip down memory lane

I decided I was going to work on my vbscripting & asp skills for a while, and I figured what better place to start than So I drudged up my old ASP version of the site and resurrected it — amazingly, it actually works sorta … the smileys work, but links don’t because I’m too lazy to spend an hour writing regexs. Check it out: [L=][/L] Other than that, I think we’re going to open up a gaming cafe … Corey is all hot and bothered about it, which is neat … it’s not very often the HPI offices get excited about anything. *sigh* Work is still going well, but I am beginning to sense a death spiral again, which is no good. I guess that after two years, it’s time to dust off my resume, eh? [b]Update[/b] – 11:44pm [L=]
Which OS are You?[/L] *sigh* So true *sigh*

2003-01-29 08:33:50 – Netheus
(blog=1) So, My mom is in jail, my step-dad is in jail, I am taking care of my seven year old brother, trying to go to school, and deal with an astronomical number of calls from the jail. Then my little sister’s best friend commits suicide down in Shook’s Run Park. My sister, Lindsey, isn’t quite 14 yet. She just got back from Costa Rico, and the first things she hears are: Your mom is in jail, and your pet Iguana died. And yesterday morning, my little brother’s room at my mom’s apartment caught a blaze and immolated everything that was his. Not any of my mom’s stuff, of course, but all of his toys, clothes, and furniture (i.e., bed and dresser) so now he has nothing. My aunt contemplated coming down and bailing my mom out, so in a last ditch effort to prevent this, my dad calls my aunt and talks her into not doing it. Through the course of this conversation, he discovers that my mom was diagnosed as a schizophrenic about 10 years ago. Suddenly it’s all clear as to why she’s a nut job… But this also means that they are going to have to force her to take her anti-psychotics, because she won’t, due to a side of bi-polar. So chances are, there is no way in hell that they are going to let my brother go back to her "care," and quite frankley, I am too young, I am in college, I don’t make enough money, and I just got married, I CAN"T take care of him. Thusly, he is probably going to end up in a foster home. I haven’t wrked in weeks, except for my dad, and I have no time to do my homework because Dylan is always hanging off of me. I haven’t slept right in weeks, and my sister’s ulcer has started bleeding again. I want to cry, but I can’t. I want to take my brother and sister and troy, flee to canada as refugees, and live out the rest of our lives under assumed names, never telling anyone where we have gone. And damnitall if I didn’t have a migraine right now. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! (blog=0)
2003-01-29 13:26:37 – realbighead
who’s AmigaOS? that’s right, Tore’s AmigaOS. Damn I am hot.
2003-01-29 14:32:37 – The Disco Nova
Oh crap, I got Amiga OS
2003-01-29 16:14:57 – t
I got AmigaOS as well
2003-01-29 19:29:39 – pinky
windows 98…oooh yeah 🙁
2003-01-29 20:46:50 – Master Ha-reed
Slackware suckahs… And jesus, if anyone ever thought they had problems they should read neth’s comment here.