Leaving town for a few days, quirks

I noticed that in AIM v4.8.2790, if you add a buddy to your buddylist and the last character is a dot ( . ), the new buddy will be added to your list, but when you click on the normal “Online” tab and then click back on “List Setup” tab, your new buddy will magically be gone. I found this out because I read off of krempley’s site that he has a roomy who has aim, and he appended a dot onto the guys name when he typed it in. It’s probably a conspiracy. Or just a bug. Or No? Truck is busticated. Rebuilding carb when I get back on Sunday night … then selling it and A) Getting out of debt? or B) buying a motorcycle. because they’re cheap. or C) Holding out and trying to find a buildable mustang. Yes, I can still dream, thank you very much. I’m heading out of town on Thursday night / Friday morning to attend the funeral of my Uncle Eldred — takes place on Saturday morning. He passed away because a recessive tumor became malignant and progressed to full blown, widespread cancer. He was my mother’s oldest sibling, and the patriarch of the Mettmann family. He will be sorely missed. 🙁

2003-01-30 19:38:04 – WC
I got slackware wo0!!! sorry to hear about your uncle. At least your eligible to goto school. I can’t get finacial aid until I am 24 because my stupid parents won’t release any tax information. >>WEAK<< So umm yeah randal gimmie a call about what we were talking about last week. I am have a lot of free time now. Heh. Hope everyone is doing well in school. 😉
2003-01-30 20:31:46 – tony
hey, if your parents refuse to release tax information, just use that as an excuse to file emancipation… it’s what i did, and it can work for you too!
2003-01-31 09:30:14 – Netheus
Or you can go and get married. That’s what I did! 😉 And sorry about your uncle Randal.
2003-01-31 13:12:00 – WC
Hey tony you and I gotta talk. Does anyone know anything about randals site being linked by stile and LS1? There is something on my phones webbrowser that says "rand0m.org welcomes you to bimmer chick 🙂 After being linked to by Stile Project and LS1 forums… " This makes it difficult to keep up on rand0mness.