mmm, tacos, MLK, etc.

Well, today was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. What a good guy. He did so much. I think we should have more people like him. I worked on my truck a bit today, and determined that it is not my timing, nor my vacuum system, nor my vacuum-timing advance system. This pretty much narrows it down to carbuerator … I think I’ll meander it on down to one of the local auto places and have them take a look, because I’ve done run out of ideers. Went shopping today with Tony. Actually, it was more of a “get necessities from the store because i have no car” trip. Got a lot of stuff, and decided to make tacos. Mmm, tacos. While dicing up the green bell peppers and onions, I took a hearty chunk of my left index finger off. Blood was going everywhere … pretty nasty, ruined all the veggies. I can see you now, and no, not really. I just whacked off a peice of my finger … it didn’t even go all the way through, so I had this little chunk of randal finger flopping about. I didn’t even notice until I wiped my lip with my finger and felt a little dangly thing. Then I went into the kitchen and really chopped it off. heh. If I get the initiative, I’ll take a pic of my not-life-threatining wound. Having a potential spat at work … it’s my day off, and I get a phone call asking for personal assistance from someone i work with. Well … I told them that I couldn’t fix it, because our stuff sucks. Apparently that has gone over poorly, and after being told to “re-think the question and fix the problem” (on my day off), I wrote a nice little email that will undoubtedly not go over well. Maybe it’s come to jesus time? who knows.

2003-01-20 22:01:57 – Netheus
I think my alternator is shot…. If it is, it’s gonna wait till I get my student money to fix it though. My mom is in jail. She has gone from 2-3 packs of cig’s, 6-7 pots of coffee, and 60 pseudo-ephedrine (ephedra) to no cigs, only a cup or 2 of coffee, and no speed. She has called me collect over 200 times in the past 5 days, though I haven’t accepted any calls. I kinda wish that Big Bertha would keep her quiet and away from the phone, if you know what I mean…. god damn, I hate my mom.
2003-01-21 00:48:58 – The Disco Nova
Anyone have a Digital Camera I can borrow this sunday?
2003-01-21 17:13:01 – CaptnSpectacular
I know you didn’t mean it to be this way randal, but that Martin Luther King,Jr thing sounds so forced. el oh el. Not much elaboration. he was good. he did stuffs. yay mlk,jr. No offense, it just sounds really funny when you read it out loud.
2003-01-21 17:31:58 – rand0m
yea, I was going to write a great big huge long thing about all the neat things he did for equal rights and how he inspired people and everything … but … I got tired, and took a nap. I mean, not that what he did isn’t important, but give me some slack — it was a nap for godsake! Honestly though, I just couldn’t think up any sort of words that would convey what I think … I’m really patriotic and such, and well … it’s just tough to make other people see what I think so I take the lowest common denominator and aim there.
2003-01-21 23:31:04 – fourdegrees
hey, randal! what’s happening with the job thing? you get busted? i still haven’t found a good job offer yet, but the apartment is great. i just hope i can afford it. ah!!! how’s your finger? still there?
2003-01-25 17:36:10 – Netheus
Even if it is to ensure that future generations will have a master to bow down to, I am never having kids. I can’t do anything. I can’t sleep, I can’t stay awake, I can’t go out at night, or during the day, he eats five times a day, and always wants to play with the play station. ARGH!!! If my mom doesn’t get out of jail soon, I am going to go crazy. and broke. Possibly starving. Except for the tofu…
2003-01-25 23:12:07 – tony
Gee netheus!!! Troy sounds like a handful!
2003-01-27 10:36:42 – WC
Make pancakes with green food coloring in the and tell him that it’s moldy pancakes and that he doesn’t want any.