mm, durnken update

I know that this is not what people want: a drunken update. I know that everyone is all interetesd in what I’m doing with my life, and a blah blah blah, so I’ll update with only the important things: 1. Work is good. and fun. yea. And jack is gone. Sad. :-/ 2. I am not taking classes. I am too poort. :-/ 3. I am drunk? Yes, I think so. WO! 4. The Daily Show and SouthPark are the only good tv things. 5. Yep, still single and not getting any. Sigh. **? 6. Woww, #5 really sucks. goddamn. 7. Umm. ProfiT? 8. Wow, I really like lists. Oh. We had a party, it was good. 9. I’m at a loss. 10. FUck, I forogot to write the icequeen an email. *oops* 11. jared’s site is good. … nerd. heh. *INSERT FOR TORE* Tore came to town, and it was good. he has these neet DDR pads, and he’s lost some weight. I’m enviosu. But it was good. Thanks TORE! *Back TO normal programming!* 12. Tony is back!? A month of christy, and hes a roomy again. 13. Keen is drepessed because of Danielle. HAGGISH x 10. 14. My truck? YEP, still dead. Fizzuack! 15. I think I’m done. Yep, that’s what 3x Long Island Iced Teas (LIIT FOR SHORT) and a couple shots of vodka will do. Please comment below. I think I might change my color scheme. It’s 1:03AM WhEre is Keen!? Hmm … damn that #5.

2003-01-18 03:13:56 – The Disco Nova
Randall needs to invite me to these little drunken episodes of his.
2003-01-18 17:40:35 – Netheus
Randal, you should take a class, at least to stay in the system. I hate working for my dad. If my mom calls any of you, do not, I repeat, *DO NOT* bail her out of jail. Thank you. (I like purple myself)
2003-01-19 22:30:13 – Master Ha-reed
Takes one to know one there Randal – I think we should just all take Keener’s approach and wear shirts proclaiming our geekiness. and… my obligatory… HOLY SHIT!!! RANDAL UPDATES!!
2003-01-20 17:09:41 – pinky
maybe you should all go get laid. that is all.