Happy New Year

We threw a big New Years Eve bash last night, and it was really good. Not a lot was happening until a bit after 10:30pm, when a handful of people showed up, including Bryce aka YTC and his wife Joleene and their crew. They brought a ton of stereo equipment and some hugeass speakers and really turned the party up. Bryce is a simply amazing DJ, and really knew how to spin it right — thanks for doin it, ytc! Around 11:30, a truckload of people showed up, including Dan Sandersly, Steve Strecker and Lindsey Burton from back in the day. The usual assortment of people started off the party, Tore, Laura, Paulie, Keen, Tony, Disco, Christine … it got pretty wild, and I got super trashed. At midnight, everybody raised their champaigne glasses and enjoyed a nice countdown. All in all, I’d say it was a really good party. Thanks to everybody who came for making it such a good throwdown. Pictures are available at [L=http://www.rand0m.org/images/nye2k2]http://www.rand0m.org/images/nye2k2[/L]

2003-01-02 00:31:56 – Netheus
neat pics! I need to come over and get my ID and my hat…. that was a great party. And yet again, Randal, I am soooo sorry…. I didn’t mean to rack you!
2003-01-02 13:46:45 – The Disco Nova
I hate pictures of me, it reminds me how fat I am. How are your balls Randall? And I’m wondering how Girlie is, seeing as she was passed out in the bathroom 🙂
2003-01-02 13:55:52 – YTCRACKER
had fun PIMPIN AINT EASY my partner is named dj telli and my wife is "jolene" those are clerical errors that needed to be corrected
2003-01-02 16:55:43 – Netheus
I am coming over tonite to get my hat and ID… So when is the next pardy?
2003-01-02 18:46:52 – nurseboy
Hey did Laura ever get you her pics? I think she took some really good ones. BTW, what’s up for tomorrow night (Fiesta Bowl)?
2003-01-03 07:28:57 – pinky
yeah, i do have some good pics, but i’m slow and busy. i’ll try emailing them to randy soon :-*
2003-01-03 11:25:51 – Girlie
yeah yeah, the bathroom was my hangout for a while. im doin ok though. party kicked, need to have more on my nights off. oh- back for good now, got internet back today, w00t
2003-01-03 13:47:45 – The Disco Nova
Darn, we have to stop making fun of girlie then.
2003-01-03 16:55:58 – Reverend
Damn I looked way fuckin faded in your pics laura.. I wasnt even that fucked up when you took those pics.. now later.. :p
2003-01-03 19:13:42 – pinky
yeah, and mike, you got in like 40 pictures, somehow…lol. wooo…my pictures rule
2003-01-03 19:50:47 – Netheus
God I am so not photogenic…. Everyone else looks great though! Nice picEEtures
2003-01-03 21:51:27 – WC
Did anyone notice that 1337 + 666 = 2003
2003-01-04 02:45:17 – realbighead
I vote we take away Craig’s speaking rights. But I’m an asshole like that.
2003-01-04 20:47:28 – tony
i defer to tore on this one, wc is lame with teh non-uber jokes
2003-01-04 21:58:37 – The Disco Nova
I don’t think we can take away his speaking rights. We can however remove his finger to prevent him from typing.
2003-01-05 13:57:57 – Netheus
Maybe we can put him in a dyslexia colony, and he will catch the dyslexia, and won’t be able to add or subtract anymore!
2003-01-05 22:38:47 – WC
ok… you guys suck. I am going back into my cave now. I feel so un-needed *sniffel*
2003-01-07 23:40:48 – Netheus
No, come back and amuse us with your amazing feats of addition and subtraction! Your higher level education is really inspiring to all of us! One day we all hope to aspire to your academic, scholarly excellence! (/sarcasm)
2003-01-10 00:08:03 – WC
haha your funny Neth. Higher Education. bwhahaha. The only higher education I get is reading High Times. RTFM
2003-01-10 14:41:19 – ytcracker
1337 + 666 = 2003 year of the phear
2003-01-11 13:28:36 – WC
TY yt
2003-01-11 15:37:59 – Disco Nova
I like Laura’s pictures better, I don’t look so fat. Just Gay.
2003-01-11 15:55:47 – pinky
if by gay you mean ::inster clever insult:: haha. i was just trying to be clever.
2003-01-11 17:59:16 – Disco Nova
Anyone doing anything tonight? 622-9350
2003-01-13 13:59:06 – Disco Nova
We want new content!
2003-01-16 14:24:02 – CaptnSpectacular
So…updates randal? or….
2003-04-10 14:14:22 – Static
looks like you guys had a lot of fun…. 🙂