Laura gets to post

So, I’m posting on Randal’s site. Why, you ask? Because Tore jacks off with boths hands!!! He’s ambidextrous. And also because I felt the need for a new post on his site as the 23 comments were too long for my lazy ass to scroll through. On another note: “Pretentiousville”: Population: 1 asshole. First off, I really want a Weed Thrasher . I mean, I won’t have any weeds at my apartment next year, but maybe I can use it on mystery roommate X who will probably be some fucking loser. Or maybe on the convalescents next door!!!!!! I could wear mittens and decapitate kittens and mail them to Mike Lee. But yeah, the Weed Thrasher is more hardcore than Randal’s mom was last night. You could let “thrash” the fucking forest down with this thing. It’s the EPA’s best friend. Secondly, I didn’t feel like burning any bridges, but seeing as all my shit is probably on fire in Woodland Park (namely my autograhed Tori Amos CD and BT CD plus all my other CDs). My Pink Converse are on fire too. How sad :-(. Anyway, about burning bridges; Matt Hix is a real jerk. Now, I don’t hate him, don’t necessarily dislike him, but really, I don’t get it. (girl, i didn’t know you could get down like that). How can someone bitch daily about pretentious people, but, in reality, be the epitomy of pretenious? I don’t know many people who are *so* judgemental without right to be. I mean, every person he sees is ugly, or creepy, or stupid. And of course, he is PERFECT. Uh, riiiight. It just gets annoying, and really, I’m just sick of it…ah well, he still owes me $65 and I’m going to see Area 2 with him in August, so I need to be able to live with him, therefore, I shall write no more, but if you all want to comment on him in the comment section, feel free (*wink wink* Randal). So, I’ve just seen three Incubus videos in a row and dayam, Brandon Boyd is the hottest man alive. I already believed this, but seriously, DAAAAAAAYAM boy! aw yeah, too bad all my Incubus CDs are on fire. Insurance covers that shit, right? What the fuck is up with this Terry Barton woman? I’m going to personally Weed Thrash her ass. First of all, she is lying about the whole “burning a letter” thing. It’s obviously arson. After working for the forest service for 18 years, I would go crazy too. I think the perfect punishment would be to burn all her possessions in front of her because that’s what she did to everyone else’s shit. Prison really won’t do anything to her anyway except make her a reformed christian. (ooooh! it’s another incubus video!!!!!!! [drool] [randal rolls eyes]) Maybe we can set her on fire too. STOP DROP AND ROLL, BITCH!!!!!! I hope this post was really really really ridiculously good-looking 🙂 Oh yeah, here’s some music Randal should put up for MP3OTW. Modest Mouse Catch 22 Slayer…LOL The Get Up Kids Outkast Jamiroquoi Truth Hurts Sleater Kinney *NSYNC AKA!!! you should download some shit from them and stop listening to NICKELBACK YOU DUMB ASSHOLE. Oh yeah, this post has been brought to you by Laura, Parrot Bay Rum, and lack of sex.

2002-06-19 06:53:29 – Burnz
Was my post this irritating? Seriously….yawn. Jamiroquoi? Someone take my mortal coil.
2002-06-19 11:36:02 – Master Ha-reed
It’s Jamiroquai
2002-06-19 13:45:07 – Disco X
Burnz’s Post > Laura’s Post And I like Matt Hix, I always thought he was a nice guy. And Punch
2002-06-19 13:53:03 – rand0m
Gaymatt is a nice guy when he’s not being snooty. $.02. And Burnz, if it’s boring enough to reach yawn levels, why don’t you write some scrumptious diddy and send it along? 😉
2002-06-19 15:01:03 – Burnz
Because I am illiterate.
2002-06-19 16:46:39 – rand0m
oh my, what a trecherous condition … I hope it passes 😉 And on another note, MIchelle Swanson is a babe. rowr.
2002-06-19 19:38:46 – Disco X
So Randall, when are you having a LAN party?
2002-06-19 19:42:12 – Pinky
sorry my post isn’t as interesting as all of randal’s ridiculously fabulous posts…lol. and my camp is still there! yay!
2002-06-19 19:50:46 – Disco X
Look at it this way Laura, your’re way better than Randall when he doesn’t post
2002-06-19 21:00:07 – rand0m
Screw you flit boy … I don’t see any of you guys busting your rumps to run a website. 😉
2002-06-20 02:21:59 – Burnz
Hey, I did. And it had flame colored fonts. Or flame coloured fonts for you pretentious cock weasels. Pimpin’ ain’t easy and neither is posting so everyone just get off.
2002-06-20 16:41:06 – Girlie
are we all really this sad that we have to read someone else’s thoughts on a website just to have some sort of excitement in our lives? what happened to everyone else’s life?
2002-06-20 17:06:14 – rand0m
Yes. and our lives are dead. All we do is sit around. Either at my place, or somewhere else. seriously. And Tony does the nasty. And Laura’s stuff burns. So it’s still exciting. woo.
2002-06-20 18:16:52 – Disco X
Randall, you and T Bone free on Saturday? I’m thinking about firing up the grill, and the pool and hottub is fianlly open.
2002-06-20 20:09:57 – pinky
does anyone want to drive me up to boulder tomorrow? didn’t think so.
2002-06-21 09:37:31 – Neth
Yeah… right.. I was wondering if Laura was unemployed or not…. anyway, I just got a new tarot deck, and it is the shit. I can actually read it!!! My boss says that the art is hard to read, but that’s just because he wrote his college dissertation on the Roth deck… *boring* YAY!!!!!! Anyway, my friend Lori gets in from Phoenix tonite…. and i am not at work!!! wooo hooo!! And Laura, your writing is incoherent. Drink more before you write again. Or maybe I could write something… hmmm….
2002-06-21 14:11:29 – Disco X
Woot! You should do a reading on me, it’s bound to be much more interesting nowadays.
2002-06-21 14:23:24 – realbighead
what you actually need is a yt-crackah original old-school tarot reading. but very few of you would understand that.
2002-06-21 19:20:58 – pinky
tore, i also would like the yt-crackah old school tarot reading (did that not occur at village inn?) oh yeah, bitches.
2002-06-22 00:30:39 – tony
fuck tarot fuck funerals fuck wildfires fuck dental surgery i’m going to las vegas, THE fucking capitol of american capitolism and no individuals have come forrward to claim interest in going for the defCon h@cker festivities… what kinds of lame ass sick motherfuckers out there are so vile and descrepit as to ignore this holiest of holies…. yeah, i’m drunk, my grandmother just keeled over monday night/tuesday morning, yeah, i’m back in town actually resting for a little bit, my mom i want to dis-embowel manually with no manuals, but i’m fine that doesnt’ make a lot of sense to some of you, but, fuck it, don’t care if it does or not, salma hayek is on the tv screen in this shite ass movie bandaleros or some shit i’ve got a 12 pack of beer which is quickly disappearing under my watchful vigil, and the worst thing about kentucky is, i go to eat dinner at the fucker wake, and i find out all these girls i knew from my graduating class of 97 are there for a wedding. gonna have some interesting e-mail conversations in the next few days considering i have not talked to these peepz for 5 years… not like you fucks in colorado springs who prefer the sedentary droll to existential traffic and another thing, fuck airport security!!!!!!
2002-06-22 00:40:23 – tony tone
alright, i just read my comment and i think it is what i inteneded to say… unfortunately i’ll probably regret telling you fucks about my personal life, considering i don’t have a blog outlining my personal shite, it’s different for me which is different to that of randal and matt of or whatever… otherwise, i’m guessing a lot of you are not going to understand my comment or post or whatever, and all i can recommend is that you drink about 4 beers in less than 20 minutes, kick your self in the nads or hymen area, and proceed to re-read that bullshit comment number #20 god damned it, i posted a comment to a comment but now i forgot why or else my subconscious is playing god damned tricks on me, which reminds me, being in a catholic church for the first time in several years is wierd, especially during a funeral…. what is most wierd is how easy the ritual comes back to you another thing, my fucking brothers are a fucking god damned embarrasment to civilization. i hope they get into state pen, because their they can learn a new vocation, like professional criminal aspect, instead of this lame ass getting pulled over for drugs shit… on a final final note, me and my sister marge are the only kids of 5 that haven’t been put in jail or what not you call it and on a final final final note some, and i’m not saying all, but some women in central kentucky are fine fine specimen, specifically the lowery twinds who i have not seen in 5 years "tony, oh my god, tony, it’s you…"
2002-06-22 00:44:01 – tonyd
alright, i meant to say lowery twins, not twinds fyi also, they were both on a state basketball team and in case you fucks didn’t know, and i say fucks in the most appreciateve whatever the fuck way possible, in case you didn’t know, i was top ten in the state of kentucky in math, not easy mind your inept premonition you know what, i need to drink more, and another thing, olivia needs to get her head out of her ass
2002-06-22 04:08:24 – Disco X
First Post about the Urination! WOOOT! Punch.
2002-06-22 04:36:16 – Burnz
you fucks in colorado springs who prefer the sedentary droll to existential traffic. Word is bond, 9 out of 10 dentist’s agree, drunks love tony!!!! and that last dentist is just a matter of time and needles….and cantelope (no idea how to spell that) but the canteloupe need not be mentioned. Because it is of course, implied. *Bows*
2002-06-22 07:31:22 – Siaokh
So how ’bout that colorado Barbeque? -Tim Punch.
2002-06-22 08:15:57 – Burnz
Tony, if it is any consolation, I have pissed on Bike’s for a variety of reasons, take to heart that they are evil things of chains and spokes. *orders up a big plate of urination on household objects and passes it around*. People who don’t even know you are laughing at you. And so are people who don’t even like you….. so me. hahaha. Try a catheter, worked for granpappy!
2002-06-22 10:06:18 – Netheus
yeah, so it sounds like a ressuresction of the church of the Silver Canaloupe, not to be confused with the Church of the Sub-genius, or the church of the Golden Apple. Yeah, Let’s BBQ…. sometime soon… Oh, and James, I’d LOVE to do a spread for you with this deck.
2002-06-22 12:41:25 – tony
2002-06-22 13:15:40 – Disco X
Oh I know you would Neth, and not for the reason you think either 😉
2002-06-23 01:36:57 – pinky
so, i got a new car today (well, my sister and i got a new car)…when i get back to the springs, i’ll show it off (because, really, it ownz most all y’alls cars) and, uh, i’m in denver doing fun things, so if you want to come chill, give me a call on my celly…w0ot!
2002-06-23 02:24:35 – Disco X
Ahhh, I had bad sex with a totally forgettable woman tonight……I forgot how much I love that.
2002-06-23 07:12:01 – Netheus
I love my truck….. she loves me…. when I had to have her towed to the auto shop the other day, she didn’t think she was going to make it back, so I told her everything is gonna be alright, and it was. I love my truck, even though it doesn’t have any handles, the windows don’t go up or down, only one seat belt works, I only get 2 radio stations, and she just cost $250 to get the master cylinder fixed… So fuck your new car!!! When are you going to be down to show it off? I wanna see!!!
2002-06-23 12:54:21 – tony
so last night i’m up in woodland park at my sister’s house and my nephew john looks me in the eye punches me in the arm and says "PUNCH Uncle Tony" now question is, which one of you sick fucks taught him the punch thing, cuz i’m out for blood