ahh, feels good, and Guest Post

I’ll tell you, one of the most satisfying things in the world is shitting on the shitter and reading Maxim. Minority Report was an amazing movie, go see it. And finally, almost done with this role of film, so there’ll be pics shortly.

Scrappy Sex – by Netheus, title by me People really need to learn how the world is … on all levels… Sure, we understand the basics of capitalism. You go to work, make money, spend money for things you desire, or so you think, and this causes another person to be employed, etc. But what about spiritually? Psychologically? Physiologically? Sexualy? Look at the relationships around you. Person 1 sleeps with person 2. Maybe it is just to get off, but hell, isn’t that why you were given a hand? Person 1 tells everyone that is was just the physicality of it all, and person 2 denies that anything ever happened. Both deny that they are lovers, when in fact, they are…. We may not be talking about true, honest, forever and ever love, but the lust, the anima, is still love, of a sort. Lovers, the tarot card, 2 people who come together against the wishes of those around them, perhaps out of rebellion, perhaps for a real reason…. Lovers in a physical sense are connected eternally, through the passing of fluids, and as we all know, any partner theat you take, even for a moment is a potential life mate. So why do people deny their sexuality? Why do they lie, or act ashamed of the acts which they shared with another? Is desire really all that terrible? Sex is fun. Never had a better time. But how can you truly enjoy a single moment of it, in full, with out feeling at least something for the other person? More importantly, if you don’t feel anything, what kind of a soulless husk of carnal shit are you? There really is no point to life, if you think about it, except for experience, and what good is the experience if you don’t enjoy it to the fullest? Why go to a concert for a band that you could care less about? Why eat a flavorless meal? All I am saying is that you should enjoy life to the fullest, not simply fulfill the role that you are categorized under … bachelor/college/youth does not mean that you need to have lots of meaningless sexual encounters. Have meaningful encounters, you could die tomorrow.

Update – 06/24 @ 12:05p – Went and saw The Bourne Identity last night. It was a great action/kill them/blow-shit-up movie, but it doesn’t hold a candle to minority report. Read the book.

2002-06-24 00:49:07 – Disco X
I think she needs to get laid.
2002-06-24 02:40:14 – pinky
james, i think christina is getting laid more often than you are, or at least has ample opportunity to more than you do 🙂 secondly, to comment on what christina says….in sex, i say you feel something for the person no matter what, but not always in any profound way. most times, it is just lust. ah well. sometimes there’s just some hott fucking guy around and you want to get on him, so you do, or you’re drunk and horny, or you need to deal with bullshit going on (i am guilty of all of these plus some more, probably)…there is a point to everything, whether or not it’s a memorable and meaningful point is really the question…and personally, i have no problem with having "meaningless sex" because it’s fun. woo….uh, yeah. to each their own.
2002-06-24 04:16:11 – tony
i post this comment because it is my only form of communication with the outside world after having been enslaved on the planet zaurus trying to steal the green orb idolized in the movie "heavy metal". other than that, i have to say that relaxed conversations with friends is one of the most enjoyable aspects of life, and not to be taken litely, because serious things are determined based upon these talks. but that is with all things in life, the seemingless decides large balances which in the end affect this and that… the whole if a bird in the forest chirps, the stock market hiccups thing… or pick your own analogy, i don’t give a shit i appreciate neth’s comment on social disorder and wish that it had more concrete constructiveness, only, i think that will happen with another party at our house in which this subject is brought up in actual human aspect, because, i for one believe this kind of talk about things sexual is not real unless i read about it int he playboy advisor, penthouse letters, or a dear john letter addressed to moi fuck you all
2002-06-24 04:33:46 – Disco X
Tony, I love you. But even so, please don’t urinate on me.
2002-06-24 11:31:15 – rand0m
2002-06-24 16:08:53 – realbighead
does using both hands count as meaningful? how about a golden shower experience with a prized personal possession?
2002-06-24 16:12:15 – Disco X
I predict that by November, we will have either forgotten about the urination, or someone else will have done something to surpass it. My birthday is in November, so it prolly will be the latter option.
2002-06-24 19:16:20 – realbighead
how can we forget? randal has pictures for posterity. or blackmail. and I dunno bout the rest of you, but I have no intention of letting this go anytime soon. I might make a bumper sticker even, with a picture of a yellow bike sitting in a puddle of piss and the words "Never Forget". Though I’d probably get shot if it didn’t have an american flag on it… oh well, there goes that plan.
2002-06-24 23:15:21 – Disco X
My roomate went to the BX and bought about 30 STEAKS! THIS WEEK WE EAT MEAT!
2002-06-24 23:18:42 – Siaokh
The car chase scene in the "Bourne Identity" … OMG hella crazy, it rivals the amazing one in "Ronin". I’m gonna see Minority Report sometime soon. Punch. -Tim
2002-06-25 00:46:07 – pinky
wait wait wait wait…please, do tell the urination story…randal, maybe you could post it…and my camp didn’t burn down, my CDs didn’t melt and i’m going back up tomorrow, and i bought some bad ass flip flops in boulder today (ah, boulder, i love you)