Let’s slow it down a little …

Went out the other night with Laura, her friends from camp, and Tore. It was a really good time. One of the few … cuz you know, parties are great fun, and hanging out with loads of people is great fun, but truly good times only come when you’re with good people, being yourself. Out of that has sprung a new article about our trip to Garden of the Gods. Read it, and peruse the other articles. Was talking to Tore, and the point was brought up that there are definitely two sides to me … the slick, outgoing, loud me and the somber, quiet, lay-around-at-home me. Both fit me equally well, but the salesman side is a little … man … just a little too much. It scares people and makes me come off like a snake … I’m not a snake, I’m not out to get anything, I’m just here to be a nice guy and to have a good time. Burnz’ unending sightlessness and casual disregard for his own ethical code makes me sick. And it’s tiring. Just hearing knowing about it. Why do I even ask anymore? $.02 Taking a break from here for a while. 100% temporary. I don’t know exactly how or why yet, but I am. I’ll post occasionally and do some site updates, but I’ve got some other stuff that needs doing. I fully intend to let this site run more free, hopefully mostly on other people’s input. I’d personally like to see a Gospel section come back, and to put other people’s rants and diatribes up on the front page. Feel free to send me a post in e-mail — chances are really high it’ll get on here.

2002-06-11 06:23:11 – tony
DC kicks serious ass. Last night I got a private special tour of the capitol, and got to go past all the roped off areas saying closed to visitors. Also got to ride the capitol only subway as a staffer, kick ass. Then I went to the Ritz Carlton for food and martinis. One of the nicest places to go, hands down. Tonight is probably going to be a nice place along the Potomac and then some swing dancing at Clarendon Hall. Oh, and work is good too!
2002-06-11 16:22:37 – Disco X
Careful with that government card, I almost got in trouble with it when I went to Guam.
2002-06-12 08:16:20 – Siaokh
The GUBMENT?! yeah, those ppl are nothing but trouble! punch. -Tim
2002-06-13 00:55:23 – Pinky
tony tone…..i’m buying a ticket to lauryn hill/outkast/etc. let me know if you want to go…
2002-06-13 06:56:19 – tony tone
i just bought a ticket gonna see da outkast, da outkast, yup yup
2002-06-13 14:25:57 – Disco X
Anyone know a good ISP for DSL around here? It’s getting to where MSN is a crapsshoot as to whether it will actually be working or not.
2002-06-13 17:22:53 – rand0m
Screw DSL, get a T! 😉
2002-06-13 17:57:16 – Disco X
Ahem, not all of us work for an ISP, I don’t think I can afford that extra 700$, thanx
2002-06-13 21:00:02 – netheus
yeah, so fuck DSL, get a cable modem!! And outkast sucks…
2002-06-15 23:05:26 – pinky
yeah, outkast doesn’t suck. in fact, you’d prolly agree with most of what they have to say if you actually listened to them, along with most other hip hop. my $.02. but yeah!!!! lauryn hill, outkast, j-5 and cee-lo…fuck yeah!
2002-06-16 01:20:57 – Siaokh
Can i get a WHUT WHUT from all my niggas in the house?!
2002-06-16 12:32:16 – Disco X
Life is sweet. http://www.cnn.com/2002/SHOWBIZ/Music/06/15/spears.concert.ap/index.html
2002-06-16 16:35:14 – Master Ha-reed
Ahh… nothing like sending a $600 piece of equipment back for repair twice only to have it returned in a worse shape than it was sent in. I would reccommend to everyone not to buy any of the iPaq handhelds – or at least dont bother to exercise your warranty rights. FUCK YOU COMPAQ!!!!!
2002-06-17 23:34:11 – Disco X
WE WANT NEW CONTENT! And Reverend, she hadn’t left, she was looking for me upstairs 🙂
2002-06-17 23:49:26 – pinky
whut!?!?! whut?!?!
2002-06-18 01:05:49 – tony
Well, it is 1:04 am in woodland park as i am writing this… the glow from the fires can be seen from the night sky… areas about 3 miles from here are being mandatorily evacuated. Earlier today I was outside looking at the planes flying overhead when a cop pulled up in the driveway asking if we wanted to voluntarily evacuate the premises, and we said no. About a half hour ago, another subdivision was evecatuated, this one called Tranquil Acres, about 2 1/2 miles from the house. Can’t see flames yet, but probably won’t get to see that unless we’re dumb enough to stay when they ask you to leave. But, Marge and Alan are insured on the land and the house, and both cars already have everything packed, along with two child car seats for the two nephews. Tomorrow is going to be the same bad weather, really low humidity coupled with high temperatures and strong winds. Terry Barton needs to learn to use a fucking shredder! (fyi, terry barton is the forest service worker who started the fire by burning a letter from her estranged husband)
2002-06-18 02:44:57 – rand0m
Ugh, that sucks … hope Alan & Marge’s house makes it okay. And new content? Why don’t you write some up and send it to me — I’ll post it up.
2002-06-18 03:20:16 – Disco X
My life is boring. Every day I spend four hours doing independent study classes. I spend at least two hours swiming every day. I go out and drink and play pool three nights a week. I go Rollerblading on Weds and Thurs. You life is so much more interesting. Hence the whole weblog thingie 🙂
2002-06-18 10:08:58 – rand0m
No, my life is not interesting at all. I mean, I basically sit around at home and wait for things to happen to me. WIth all that sitting around time, I do a pretty good amount of thinking, and hence come up with things to say. LIke for instance, playing the guitar is great if you don’t suck. I do suck at it, hence it is only a way to inflict pain upon myself via my oh-so-sensitive fingertips.
2002-06-18 10:30:13 – Siaokh
2002-06-18 15:00:41 – realbighead
I’m with punchboy on this one. Unless your goal in life is to drive anyone who lives nearby into a killing frenzy, it really is a better idea to avoid Stairway to Heaven altogether.
2002-06-18 16:53:10 – Netheus
wiat wait wait wait—— j-5, as in the Jurrasic Five?!? I might just have to get troy to get us some comp tickets…. Oh, and Woodland park is bouts to be evacuated….. or so as I understand, if it hasn’t already….
2002-06-18 21:04:05 – pinky
i think woodland park still hasn’t been evacuated, but my shit’s probably on fire, although, i don’t know because i guess the fire is deciding to head east to trilakes and monument.