Yea, Fuck you too

You know, I’ve used that title a lot. And it really applies to so much. Swingers it the best movie ever. If you don’t agree, please go rot and die. I have a lot of story from sunday to post, but I’m too trashed to type them all up. So fuck you. Oh, and FUCK YOU TOO. UPdatE!OKAY! SO I CANNNOT SEppl TENAicoUS D OKAY!? FO FUCK YOU! AND YOU TOO! YEA< YOU'THINK yOU"RE SO HOT. YEA RIGHT MOFO! Update – 2:23a – FYI, earth day is my bitch, and also FYI, Tore is the bomb to talk to when trashed. WHere are you when I need you tore!? Update – 2:27a – burz is here, and he likes the officespcae guy more than jennifer aniston. hence, he is gay. LOL u{DATE!Sandwichares are the life of drunkards. No goddamnn sense here. so FUCK YOU!@ WO!O wait. this iwlll go tomorrow. wait, this is now. fuck me. OH MY! HOLLY SHIT A irweless liNK!? FUCK ME WITH AN IFRADNMRED MONSTER ON HMY! Update – 1:25p – Okay, so after my wild drunkeness last night, I went to the dentist to get sawed on. First off, it was a huge mistake to get fucked up last night. Going to the dentist with a mild hangover, while having to spend time with my mom, man … that was hell. Anyway, the whole shebang, front to back, took 2 hours. I got Nitrous Oxide, too! wOowee, it was a good time. Had a tough time keeping my eyes open, but there was this hella fine aid lady helping out the doc. She was all interested, asking questions and such. And then, when my gums are laid open and I look like a racked chunk of beef, I tell everyone to stop, and say, pretty loudly [to me] “ONE BLOODY MOFO.” I thought I was so funny. LOL. It’s still funny. Anyhow, they both cracked up, and then, for the rest of the time, I laid there, thinking “damn, I’m funny. One bloody mofo. Hahaha” So that was that. And now, I’m here on the couch, hurting, but the vicodin is helping … and I hate guaze. Sutures? no problem. Blood? No problem. Pain? No problem. Roll of toilet paper jammed into my mouth? Sucks. On another note, the thread previous to this one is up to 20 comments, and the last few are pretty good. As much as I moan about peoples’ extreme (again, to me) ideology, they have some good points. Although I don’t recall getting criticized for dropping out of school for a year … right now, that kind talk would likely get yer ass whooped. heh. God, Office Space & Swingers = good times. Funny pic of the day: Yahoo News Update – 9:33p – Pageview number 30,000 came in this morning from Laura at CU at 6:04am … props to the health of — thanks for visiting 🙂

2002-04-22 03:13:16 – pinky
i get first post and all i can say is WOOOO! tenacious d!
2002-04-22 03:21:22 – red5
Ron Livingston is way better than Jennifer Aniston in that movie and i like him way more because he is great. Anyone see band of brothers(b.o.b.)? ron livingston is the shit in it too. jennifer aniston is dumb, and i am not gay.
2002-04-22 03:30:28 – keener2u
damn wireless links and laptops…eyuehah OWhoo!!!
2002-04-22 04:00:40 – Burnz
I think that red5 is my new best friend. He knows what is up. Fuck jennifer aniston and fuck this whole goddamn office space issue. I have more drinking to do. But I am only occassionally gay. And that is just between me and Frederico. You faggots.
2002-04-22 14:32:25 – Siaokh
Punch. Pimpin aint easy but it’s necessary.
2002-04-22 18:27:23 – Tony
For gonzo craziness, there is no substitute, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
2002-04-22 22:49:46 – realbighead
There is a substitute. It is a TROMA film known only as: Cannibal: The Musical If you can find it, I recommend watching it once with your favorite crack rock. And as far as painkillers for dental work, the injectable general anesthetic crap is so superior… you drop off super-quick and pop right out of it an hour later. Oh, and if you can save any of th vicodin, its resale value on college campuses is quite high.
2002-04-23 01:50:33 – pinky
check out the first letter on there is written by a certain me 🙂 wooo! hell yeah, i’m a bad ass. those of you who got to miss tenacious d, i am sorry, it was a blast.
2002-04-24 00:36:31 – Nethene
Tore– Cannibal the Musical sucked. Troma, however, is one of the greatest z movie companies ever. There best must, however, be Killer Kondom. For those in the Springs— they have it at ToOnS, others, no idea. And see Tore, I told you you were fun to talk to when shit-faced!!!