Day #2 – The Recovery

So today has been a total recovery day. I’ve kinda sat around and not done a whole lot. I feel a lot better than I did yesterday, which isn’t too surprising. In fact, I haven’t even used that much vicodin. I have to say that the penicillin pills taste like shit, though. Not appetizing at all. I did a shitload of homework today, though. I did a huge (14+ page) stock portfolio project, a 3 page career evalution essay, and a resume project thing-a-ding. All in all, it was 20+ pages of homework-luvin, and I didn’t enjoy one minute of it. I have, right now, a 63% in the class (of the total possible points) and there’s another 175 possible in these 3 papers, so I’m pretty sure I’ll get at least a B. rock. Okay, so our cable has been out for a good 4 days now, and I’m getting pissed. Went sent in the goddamn check on Thursday, and it still hasn’t arrived to the “City of Industry” in California. Goddamn U.S. POStal service. Anyway, Bruce, an adelphia phone jockey, tells me that the service should be back up shortly. I didn’t know this, but Adelphia has a call center at Platte and Union, right across from the Burger King — Bruce told me this, and when I heard it, I just about jumped out of my skin. Some dude, somewhere in America is telling me there’s a Burger King right near there office, all familiar-with-the-area like!? Whoa. Luckily, yes, he lives here in the springs. Righty-o, moving on. On another note, I’ve heard that some of you bitches have been giving Burnz a hard time because I’ve been a little pissy as of late. Well, know this — our eyes-locked, teeth clenched stalemate is over, simply because I’m too damn tired to keep ignoring him. Yes, I gave in. No, I don’t hate him. Yes, I am bitter about somethings, but you know what? I don’t need anyone else to fight my battles for me. It’s the thought that counts, and yea, thanks for sticking up for me, but come on — when it comes to pissing matches, I can hold my own. Was talking to Shawn and FirstMatt about somethings tonight, and it boiled down to this: “I’m a chauvenistic motherfucker when it comes to chicks.” And you know, that C word has such a terrible stigma attached to it … man oh man, what am I getting myself into? What happened to straight edge, always staggeringly nice me? Should I get him back, or is seasoned, bitter, veteran me better? Tough call. Update – 12:36a – Our cable is back on – w0o! Mad props to Bruce at Adelphia. Update #2 – 12:58a – Wendy’s fries and a frosty = super-awesome. Update #3 – 2:49p – I put some finishing touches on a website I’ve been kinda-sorta working on, and while I was at it, I put in some nifty javascript to help you not-forget to fill in some of the comment form fields. Also, I fixed up an error page that appears sporadically with some helpful info if something breaks. Update #4 – 6:21p – Yay, aren’t I a total dork. Image on the left there is a smaller version of the webcam pic, modified to show whether or not the cam is on. Nifty, eh? Right, will go back to being a quiet geek.

2002-04-24 00:32:10 – Neth
argh….. going to…… AHCK!!! Yeah, so nyway, why didn’t you call me when Burnz was down?!?! Fuckers. Anyway….. found photographers for my wedding, bought rings, ordered cake, found minister, got carolyn’s plain arrival info (took 6 months to get her to even find out when her school got out…..), family has gone to hell, ordered flowers, I’m gonna explode…. too much… not enuf money…. fucking Illuminati on top of it all… ergh….
2002-04-24 00:40:48 – rand0m
Let me be the first to say: "uhh … right."
2002-04-24 00:45:18 – N e t h e u s
and about the cable— if there is a service that you have to pay a bill for, you can usually go to the physical office to pay it. This includes utilities, cable, all insurance, most cel companies, ISP’s (local), satellite, and telephone. I know because I am broke, and usually run into these offices at the last minute.
2002-04-24 01:40:33 – pinky
yay for weddings! well, not weddings for me, but i’m all excited now 🙂 hehe. oh yeah, was i supposed to RSVP? shit. give me your number. and, the next fucking band who is on MTV whining about divorce and sounding just like creed is going to get hate mail…awww yeah! and chauvenist, or nice guy. gee, that’s real hard to decide 🙂
2002-04-24 02:02:28 – Burnz
We didn’t call Netheus because you suck. Ha, die! No, my time was mostly monopolized by some useless crazy twat. In that vein, it is all about chauvenism. Bitch hating is my #2 favorite pasttime behind People hating. And yeah, all you motherfuckers best get down off my shit now. You sticking-my-nose-where-it-doesn’t-belong cock knockers. *hides behind rand0m*.
2002-04-24 13:38:27 – rand0m
Wow, I’m just going to say nothing about such defamatory remarks. 😉 And I don’t know if being a dickhead is all it’s cracked up to be. I mean, sure, it feels pretty good to be so bitter and jaded that I *won’t* bend over backards for anybody at any time, but the consequences? … er … yes, those consequences. Whatever they are, I’m sure that they play heavily against the "being a nice guy" routine. Which is good too, I guess. Being a doormat sure gets a lot of friend-females, but very little in the way of luvin. Being a dickhead means some luvin, but a lot of derision from the non-dickhead-liking population of women. tough call.
2002-04-24 14:57:29 – Siaokh
2002-04-25 00:51:26 – keener2u
nothing wrong with being a doormat….
2002-04-25 02:59:00 – t
Tony’s Top 10 List of Things to Buy: 1. Flogiston Chair – 2. Nissan 2002 350ZX 3. A Laptop 4. New Jeans 5. New stem and disc brakes for mountain bike 6. Annie Plunk’s 1st Edition Edgar Poe book 7. Villa in the mountains of Italy 8. Prescription sun glasses 9. A niiiice suit 10. Barret 82A1 .50
2002-04-25 03:30:38 – Burnz
Burnz top 10: 1. Glock 9mm 2. One bullet 3. Bottle of Jim beam 4. Lawyer 5. Last will and testament 6. Large tarp for splatters 7. Contract for your favorite ex girlfriend’s life 8. Penthouse suite for one night 9. Nother bottle of Jim Beam just in case 10. niiiiice suit from "The men’s things to be found dead in warehouse."
2002-04-25 14:40:00 – The Disco Nova
Randall, the secret of being a dickhead to get women is to not ALWAYS be a dickhead. Being a dickhead 90% of the time means that when you do give a compliment, it is more appreciated.