‘nother wednesday

Went into the dentist today, blah blah blah, tooth root tip-fixing-surgery scheduled for monday, 10am. Probably will fuck me up for at least that day. I’ve been missing a fair amount of classes due to this tooth & because of work. That sucks. I don’t care much. [sigh]. It’s sad, but Cs are good enough. Putting forth anymore effort has little glimpse of reward. I’m just so blah recently. I don’t care about much. I mean, almost nothing … just kind of going day to day, making sure that I’m alive for the next. I’m really, really glad that summer is coming up … I don’t know if I should take a class or not; I mean, it would keep me sharp and it would help, but jesus, a class during summer? Kind of kills the point. Oh yea, tim moved to texas. Found that out a while ago. Quite a loss :-/ … oh, saw craig at blockbuster the other day. I’m sure he still wants to feed my nuts to angry, rabid ferrets, but at least it seems like he’s doing okay. yea, don’t have much to say to anyone about anything. Update – 4/18/02 1:05p – I added a thin in the “See & Do” section of the sidebar to check whether or not the webcam is on … the “On” is a link to a pop-up window that shows the pic. woo.

2002-04-17 18:47:44 – Siaokh
2002-04-17 19:33:07 – Tony
I think it’s good to take a class in the summer, at least one, seeing as how it keeps your mind in school year round, and keeps you in school. But you can take one class without it affecting your schedule to much, and you can still take vacations, not that I see you taking a week long vacation to Las Vegas anytime soon. We need to get you a mountain bike! I went biking twice today, once at palmer, and once at Ute Vally. I talked to that girl olivia again, and found out she’s a christian conservative… hmmmmm. And btw, craig’s little coworker’s name is mary, 19, and don’t know about the boyfriend situation yet.
2002-04-17 20:19:46 – rand0m
Sorry Tony, some of us work more than 16 hours a week. Granted, 17 hours of classes is a lot, but, if things at UCCS are how they are everywhere else, you’re probably in class for only 15 hours a week, which is 3 hours a day, or 5 hours, three days a week. Tag on two, 8 hour work days, and what do you get? Oh, right, a shitload of free time. Does christian conservative automatically equal un-nailable?
2002-04-17 20:31:37 – Burnz
Tony, can you really afford to be picky about who you go out with? No offense, but I know what it’s like to be out of the game. Gotta start somewhere, even if it is with a bible humping Jesus loving crazy woman.
2002-04-17 22:39:32 – Siaokh
2 or 3 words depending on who you ask and how intoxicated they are. ALCOHOL! -Tim
2002-04-18 12:03:50 – tony
Woah randal, you seem to forget something very important others hold very valuable. Your time is more important than work or school. Sure, I’ve got free time on the weekends, and I can squeeze in some free time during the week outside of studying for Calculus III or doing homework for my other 4 classes, but I make a point to make that free time available. Work may pay the bills, but if you live to work instead of working to live, you’ll never have time to enjoy life. Always remember which one you’re living for.
2002-04-18 17:44:01 – keener2u
Is that kinda like eating to live…or living to eat.
2002-04-19 00:34:46 – pinky
argh…first of all. tenacious d, monday, if you want to buy a tickert from my friend $25, and we need someone to buy it. besides, the d is like your mom on crack: fun and ugly. also, i am drunk and have to go read names in an hour and a half for holocaust awarness week. fucking christ. also, how come no one has noticed that the water behind osama in the new tapes isn’t moving at all. it is a lovely backdrop for his dickfuckcock ass, though…hehehe. i don’t want to see or do, randal! argh!
2002-04-19 00:44:26 – pinky
also, you all should check out http://www.theonionavclub.com/avclub3814/redmeat3814.html because you will see 🙂