Bitch Took the Ice Cube Trays!

Okay, so I go outside tonight, for the first time in … oh … 4 days [?], to go pick up some pizza with FirstMatt and Christine [Netheus], and on the way there, we see a staggering sight: in the back of my truck, there are beer cans, an empty plastic vodka bottle, a small canadian mist bottle and a [!!!] smashed corona bottle [/!!!] Can you believe that!? Some punkass bitches, while staggering around drunkenly, deposited a case of empty Busch Light and other miscellaneous liquors into the bed of my truck. Of all beers, Busch Light. What kind of panzy, dickless motherfucker drinks Busch Light!? And then puts it in my truck!? What assholes. Oh, and get this. The dicks put a coat in FirstMatt’s car. He has a convertible VW, on par with my truck [how’s that for valuation?], and it’s top was down, and some motherfucker put a coat in his car. And then, he put it outside of his car, and somebody put it on our fence. How’s that for spooky? On another note, I have less tooth pain. I don’t know why, but it hurts less. My lip is still a little swollen and numb/tingly, but I think I’ll pull through. Didn’t take any vicodin today, so that’s a telltale sign that I’m not dying. Oh, milkshakes / smoothies are the best. Man oh man, grind up some ice, throw in some fruit yogurt & pineapple and add some ice cream, and woohoo, good times await. I have a paragraph running through my head regarding past Good Times, but I’ve determined that it’s better to dwell on all the great things I have going for me now than to get all reflective and get depressed about days gone by. So that’s that. I hope all you peepz out there in the real world have a good day. Update – 12:21p – Going in to work today at 1, and I have two gripes. First off, FirstMatt left for California this morning. He’ll be gone until Saturday. I’m sad. :-/ And another thing. I’m going to walk to work, and it’s 73 fucking degrees outside. It’s April, it’s not supposed to be that hot yet. Much too hot. Just might drive.

2002-04-15 01:26:09 – keener2u
The wierd thing about the beer cans is for the last couple nights in a row I have been outside like every hour and I didn’t see anything happen to the truck or the car….wierd….so I am watching the brak show right now…and again I must say that zorak makes the show…
2002-04-15 02:24:42 – keener2u
I was surfing of today when I found [L=]this[/L] check it out …it rocks…
2002-04-15 03:12:53 – pinky
all fucking zorak does is make rude fucking comments and it gets old. just like cartman gets old…except i must say, cartman had some really good things to say in the ep on wednesday. "If U disagree with me, Fudge you too Fudge Off and get the Fudge Out!" seriouslah, that’s my free-fiddy. also, if anyone wants to go see tenacious D on the 22nd, and would rather buy tickets from the illiterate fucks i live with than ticketmasterbator, we will sell them to you ($30 is what we paid). Respect mah authoitah. hello my name is bingo. i like to climb on things. can i have a banana? eek eek
2002-04-15 03:14:42 – pinky
that mouse thing is awful. i don’t even know who you are, but i probably hate you.
2002-04-15 03:21:53 – keener2u
Did you read the whole thing? It’s a satire of the war on terrorism…
2002-04-15 12:10:32 – rand0m
I’m with keener on this one … Zorak is the funniest thing on the Brak show. Except for the short dad guy … kinda weirds me out, but he’s pretty funny. But a giant mantis running around? That’s pure comedic genius.
2002-04-15 12:20:45 – realbighead
all must bow to the power of comedy… particularly at the expense of retarded politics.
2002-04-15 17:13:01 – Siaokh
2002-04-15 18:47:25 – pinky
no, i didn’t read the whole thing because i couldn’t look at the dfead mice 🙁 but my hate is rescinded. and randal, it’s fucking gorgeous out. remember the good ol days of skipping class because it was nice out? yeah!
2002-04-15 20:37:52 – rand0m
yea, that’s exactly what it is in reference too … beautiful day down here in co.springs too 😀
2002-04-16 09:27:55 – keener2u
You all suck yesterday I was in nice 83 degree temp today I am in freaking 30 degree temperature in the middle of what looks like columbia. I am waiting for some guys from grand theft auto 3 to come out and say…."you want some gringo" But hey at least I get to drive my Mitsu Lancer Es at high speeds on a highly curvy road of death! Mmmm Santa Cruz rocks….did I also mention that I am not coming back and I am just going to stay here with all the beautiful alcohol and cheap women….
2002-04-16 10:49:28 – netheus
Honestly…. I hate the tv… but it’s rays…are….so……….powerful!!!!!!!! The mose thing was cute… I’m glad he saved a cat from the humane society.
2002-04-16 12:26:13 – tony
I knew my day would come, I just knew it!!! —> [L=]Why I drink so much![/L] This only proves that Byrnes will be CEO of MegaCorp some day! <span style=’font:8pt tahoma;’>[fixed broken link processor –rand0m]</span>
2002-04-16 20:55:41 – rand0m
w3rd, this rocks … Boulder Street Coffee Roasters has metered wireless net access … $.10/min, which is pretty reasonable. nifty 🙂
2002-04-16 21:36:31 – Siaokh
Fuck that shit… just hack their wireless connection…. H4x0r t3h GIBS0N!!!!!
2002-04-17 00:02:19 – rand0m
Actually, it’s pretty neat how they have it setup … none of the authentication or billing takes place locally, it’s all done upstream at their HQ. User’s traffic leaves locally and hits the main internet-bound pipe, and then, if your MAC is registered [and logged in], they’re custom software lets your packet out on the net. If you’re MAC isn’t registered [and logged in], then it redirects you to their login page. I’m sure that their system has a hole or three in it somewhere, but I didn’t look to hard in the 10 minutes that I used it. Also, I think they’re setup so that you can only use their wireless NICs; my D-Link pcmcia card wouldn’t associate with their Linksys access point — in fact, the access point completely ignored my broadcasts for locating a hardware connection, which indicates to me that they’re closing another [potentially huge] opening by filtering out any non-authorized MACs. Pretty smart guys, imo. here they are — [L=][/L]
2002-04-17 09:47:42 – keener2u
Dude, Borlands HQ looks like something out of a Furni catalog….from the wicker chairs to the Dishes with bubbles in them showing that they were made by hand by some poor people in argentina…
2002-04-17 18:28:17 – Siaokh
ikea? -Tim