[doh] and a couple other things

So somehow, I completely fucked up the authentication thing. I have zero idea what’s going wrong, but I’ll try and get it to work correctly tonight. Sorry! All the comments and everything will get consolidated into one ‘comments.php’ file as well, instead of being spread across 3 separate files. Should make things a lot smoother for everybody.

On another note, HPI is sucking wind pretty bad — I just might start looking for another job soon, just in case. That’s about the only noteworthy thing going on … other than that the wall between the geekpad people and I is still up, which makes for a semi-boring time of things. Oh, and my insurance company screwed up my insurance and charged me $427.34 for one month instead of my normal [much, much lower] rate. Which is sucky :: fighting with insurance companies really blows. sOo, that’s about it. Oh yea, I was thinking about putting up a communal list of people and their respective aim / msn / icq nicks … yea, nay?

Update: I know you people couldn’t care less, but the authentication / login stuff is fixed. Dunno what to do tonight … rather bored. ideas?

Update 2: I realized something today — crossing class / situational spheres is just a bad idea. Attempting to associate with people who spend the majority of their time doing things that you are not involved in is a prescription for not only disappointment, but also a breeding of contempt. I have found that it really sucks … makes it feel rather hopeless to try and pierce the social-bubbles that surround everyone. At least the weather is getting to be bad, which is definitely good :: I spent about 20 minutes outside tonight, just enjoying the crisp air and the falling micro-ice chunks … I hate wind, but dammit, I love fall.

2001-11-08 00:46:22 – The Disco X
I manage to pierce most social circles rather well. Maybe your not sociopathic enough
2001-11-08 02:59:20 – Laura
OK, this has nothing to do with randal’s post… (rant mode on) I’m supposed to go to the Incubus concert tonight and due to stupid circumstances, i have to go to the springs afterwards, and have no ride to the springs, unless i forfeit the incubus concert and have my mommy pick me up. despite the fact i have been anticipating this show forever, i’m probably going to have to not go…(rant mode off) unless, randal, or someone, wants to come up here, pick me up, go to the incubus show (free ticket ($35 value), and maybe some taco bell, on me, on the way there or something). I would really really appreciate it. I’m giving you a free incubus ticket. they rock 🙂 and, randal, or whoever, i’ll owe you my first born or something. Pleeeze! please please please.
2001-11-08 09:00:01 – rand0m
w3rd! … Laura, I’ll call you a little later today :: Incubus, WOOOO! I’m there 😀
2001-11-08 09:54:09 – Laura
hell yeah! thanks! weeeee! 😀