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My day is going pretty well … I drove all over town running errands and whatnot, and got to sit in on an HPI finance meeting, which was pretty cool [if a little disheartening]. As for the cell phone, it’s now a toss up between AT&T and Voicestream … AT&T cuz they have a good plan (400/unlimited for $40) with tons of coverage, or Voicestream, because they have an obscene plan (3000mins / $50) but not-so-hot coverage. Sound off below … I don’t have much going on … might just chill at the perk, or, get this, at home! ‘night

2001-11-07 06:34:36 – tony
Joining a health club is a step in the right direction, but would it kill you to eat a salad instead of that Whopper? Would that be so hard, you fat fucking tub? – The Onion – Novembor 7