weekly ups & weekend

The obligatory week-beginning updates are in on the left hand side there, including a new mp3otw and blah blah blah.

So I went to denver this weekend [for the 3rd time in 7 days — jesus christ!] and chilled @ steve’s place on friday night … then we went to a LAN party on saturday, and that was hella fun. HAhahaa, I shoulda taken some pictures, but I didn’t have a camera; it was lots of fun, and I got to meet all the guys from Denver CS … I’m really glad I went. On sunday we fuckin veg’d like nobody’s business. It was cool. We went and got some grub at Chili’s, where I ogled at this particularly fine-ass waitress and then tried to order her for my entree [unsuccessful], then we went and saw Monsters, Inc. … good movie; Pixar really knows their shit. If any chicks want to go see a movie, I’ll see it again 🙂

After dropping my box off downtown, I’m heading home, getting onto the interstate. I’m chillin at the left-turn at bijou and cascade, and this honkin’ jeep wrangler with monster tires and whatnot pulls up next to me. Light turns green, I floor it around the corner, and this goddamn jeep goes too — but doesn’t stay in their lane! So I, in my little tiny ring-a-ding honda am about to get sideswiped by this monster jeep … yea, well no fucking way. So I slam on my breaks and jerk the wheel to the left to get out of his way, and in the process end up sideways on the road … grr … I floor it down behind that mofo, horn blaring, lights flashing. He’s going southbound too … I think they got scared of me, because right before they were turning south, they changed their mind and went the north. Fuckers almost killed me; it was scary as shit.

Update: Forgot to mention that I got a notice in the mail that SprintPCS finally caught on that I am no longer a 3rd-party employee … so either I change to one of their normal cell phone plans, or they disconnect my service on the 14th. The phone hunt is on!

2001-11-05 13:46:06 – The Disco Nova
hehe get a pager, I just got one, and I love it Women, feel free to page me at 328-8303
2001-11-05 14:03:07 – rand0m
I’ve got $1 on the pager being gay.
2001-11-05 14:21:44 – LikwidNyte
Being the most experianced here with what’s gay and what’s not, I’d say that the cell phone is more gay. Afterall, I don’t know anyone (who’s gay) that has a pager. So, if I saw a straight guy with a pager, I’d be pretty sure he was straight unless he was totally flaming, and I know that James isn’t such….but *obviously* that doesn’t mean that everyone with a cell phone is gay….
2001-11-05 14:45:47 – The Disco Nova
okay, I give, who the heck are you?
2001-11-05 14:52:14 – LikwidNyte
duh…..I thought you knew who I was…heh I think no one should tell him, that way he’s left wondering who on here is gay!!!
2001-11-05 15:39:58 – Burnz
Link-whatever the fuck his name is I don’t want to scroll down is Matt Hix. And pager’s are ghetto. I had one and hated it. rand0m, you can have my old one. It is lying somewhere between the springs and fort collins after being used as a highway tiddly wink. And they are fucking up the Transformers. They are making the construct-a-cons all wrong. Someone stop this madness before they do what the Japs did and make Optimus Prime a goddamn Lion or whatever.
2001-11-05 15:48:13 – The Disco Nova
Oh hey matt *wave*. Heh I just got nervous when someone gay knew me and I didn’t know them. You’re okay though 🙂
2001-11-05 15:53:10 – rand0m
[notices Disco’s attempt at hiding his male lover] … so … disco … how about them texan steers? 😉 … also, there is no way I’m getting a pager. Talk about suck. Even though i’m sure their 1/10th the cost and are almost as functional, they’re just not as good. Plus, a cell phone can act like a pager too. And they make cell phones that are about the size of a pager. See? Can’t lose 😀
2001-11-05 15:54:35 – The Disco Nova
bah, if I’m away from home, I prolly don’t want to talk to you anyways, so a pager does fine.
2001-11-05 15:56:09 – Master Ha-reed
OK… whats w/ some Denver CS dude having a handle named after a Palmer teacher? I know it’s probably coincidence… but that just seems weird. Go there if you don’t believe me ….. http://www.denvercs.com/stats/d1/P_Todd_Hegert.html
2001-11-05 19:51:48 – cosmosmoon
Randal, have you ever noticed that all your sidebar comments are incredibly pessimistic and depressing? Ever have a good day? Oh, and also, pagers are evil. They are satan. Go for the cell phone.
2001-11-05 20:56:50 – GrooveMan
Hey first post w/ the new logon script…. Groovy 😀 non-edited
2001-11-05 21:07:37 – rand0m
Well, yea, you’re right, they are mostly downers … I don’t know why, really, they’re almost always things that just happen to pop into my head while I’m updating the rest of the sidebar. As for good days, yes, I have good days quite often. And yes, I will be getting a different cell 🙂
2001-11-05 21:32:06 – Burnz
I would much rather hear the problems in your life than have that damn sidebar say something like "Vending machines can truly be a good source of income if correctly placed. Stores, and even restaurants utilize these functional devices in amazing ways. They put them slightly outside of the cash registers, thus right after a cahs purchase you are most likely juggling your groceries and thinking of what to do with the quarters in your hand. A master-work of impulse!" At least pessimism is engaging. Why did I put all that? Loser.
2001-11-05 23:27:50 – The Disco Nova
Randalls problem is that he doesn’t socialize enough with happy people. Almost all my friends are happy people. Btw Randall, if you can get a fake ID by the 17th you can come to my birthday party. My birthday is actually on the 8th, but me and dave have birthdays close together, so we are doing a dual party to keep costs down for the people who aare throwing it for us.
2001-11-05 23:50:55 – rand0m
wtf do you mean I don’t socialize enough with happy people? hat’s all I do … sheesh … Dave is not a happy person. He’s scary … As for your birthday party, you find me a place to get a fake and I’ll buy it. If I come, will you give me my power brick back?
2001-11-06 01:18:52 – The Disco Nova
Dave is very happy, he just enjoyed yanking the chain of people he thinks are wound up too tight (ie you). I enjoy the same things, I just have mercy on you for some reason. As for my party, yes I’ll give you your brick back. I’m actually thinking of trying to get you in simply on my looks and personality, but it’s a long shot, not sure how they would react to my asking. Although I do have a VIP card and spend 100 bucks a week there….
2001-11-06 01:19:57 – The Disco Nova
And I’ve met some of the people you socialize with, chemically induced happiness doesn’t count.
2001-11-06 09:59:46 – The Disco X
fianlly got AIM at work, my screen name is "The Disco X", someone send me a friends list 🙂
2001-11-06 15:54:43 – Phoenix
Hey Randall, What’s up bro… It was great meeting you at Travis’s party Friday nite, thanks for helping me overclock my PC. When I left the Saturday lan party you were snoring at 120 decibels, sacked out on a couch near the DU ballroom. I made Tony promise me that he wouldn’t let anyone "take advantage" of you while you were sleeping so soundly. HAHAH Cya l8r man.
2001-11-06 16:02:10 – rand0m
yea, I was completely konked out on that couch … taco and a couple other guys eventually throw a carpet on me … I didn’t notice [or wake up] for like 5 minutes 😉
2001-11-06 19:09:15 – Laura
Can I have authorization level 69? pleeeze? hehe