wow, denver again & misc

Okay, so right now I’m in Denver [again!] for a LAN Party on saturday. w0o … yes, I know it’s extremely nerdy, but hey, there isn’t much else to do this weekend. My parents came back from their trip, it was pretty nice to see them. Apparently I am meeting up with my sister for christmas … dunno about all that, though.

Was at the downtown perk today and saw Jackie Q — Janelle’s friend — and I found out that she works at the north pikes perk. That’s pretty interesting; I only go there whenever I want to get away from people; it’ll be a little weird knowing somebody there. Don’t ask me why it’s weird, because it really isn’t *that* weird, but it is interesting. In other Janelle news, apparently Tony saw her & her friend Ari downtown on Halloween, and she was a real bitch to him … dunno how much credit I put on that, but I don’t see it as impossible.

There was something else that’s interesting, but I forgot. As much as spite and hate make for [not good] conversation, I don’t think I like it. Indeed, I’m not a real hateful person … quite the opposite in fact. I’m so damn happy-scrumptious that I can’t believe that people don’t adore me. I think most people *do* adore me, they just don’t know it yet.

Okay, and another pretty big thing in my life — I’m looking at getting a mustang, which would necessitate selling my truck, or keeping the truck and getting a motorcycle in the spring. Due to financing school and everything, it’s one or the other. Ideas?

2001-11-03 04:00:17 – Burnz
Yeah, pull several thousand out of thin air, sprinkle some fairy dust on it and then come to the conclusion that it isn’t going to happen. Horrid night, pardon my hostile pessimism.
2001-11-04 05:59:50 – realbighead
2 red bulls, 6 hours, and 5 pages of single-spaced Times New Roman essay later… wow. The world is really odd right now. Taking a quick break from the writing (not many pages to go), figured I’d de-lurk and post something nasty and bitter, but hopefully sarcastic nonetheless. more power to you for LANning… fuck the man, and all that. I don’t doubt that Janelle was a bitch to Tony, but I’d forgive her for it, cuz I’m probably worse when I run into him. And yes, I adore you, but mostly for that tight ass; don’t ever lose that, especially not if you want to survive prison. Mustang = silly, motorcycle in colorado = silly. Moving out = good idea. Saving up for more school = good idea. I just dunno why you need different vehicular shizzat going down; if you really need it in your life now, though, I’d have to go with the mustang, because, while not the best car for a mountainous snowy region, at least it’s a car. With walls and doors and stuff. Again, don’t quite see your need for it, but if it’s what you want, das coo. And now, back into the rapidly-turning-psychotic 5-guys-on-red-bull paper-writing period in Tore’s house. Missed the bitter sarcasm, but oh well. Your dick’s tiny. How’s that?
2001-11-04 11:23:15 – The Disco Nova
wanna go see "The One" tonight with me and dave, randall?
2001-11-04 12:48:39 – rand0m
nope … not only is it a terrible movie, but it’s my day off, and I’m not doing anything. Unless you’re female, in which case exceptions can be made 😉
2001-11-04 18:18:16 – Likwidnyte
Randal… The oakenfold tixs charged to my account. So, while I don’t have them in hand, I know for sure that I’m getting them. You were talking about paypal…I now have an account because I had to purchase other tickets that way cause I won them off eBay. Also, like I said, they were $71.90
2001-11-04 20:16:39 – Laura
mustangs suck…if i were you, i’d go for a pretty new honda or toyota, they’ll last longer and they’re not ugly. the only reason to get a mustang is…well, actually, i don’t know why anyone would get one…my $.02
2001-11-04 20:33:01 – rand0m
now, are you saying all mustangs suck, or just a particular series? if you’re sporting that the 196x series sucks, I’m going to have to run away and cry like a ninny. What kind of honda/toyota are you talking about? That’s all …
2001-11-04 22:41:42 – The Disco Nova
The One was a cool movie. Not much of a story, but it looked cool. And even if you get a mustang, my car will still be faster than yours 🙂
2001-11-05 01:41:03 – Laura
Any Mustang built in the last 20-30 years sucks…go cry like a ninny, you bastard. 🙂 i say that in an all loving way. when i see a mustang, i say one of a few things: either the person drving it is 16, their parents bought it for them, and they want to look cool for the cheerleaders, or they didn’t have enough money to buy a nice fast car. either way, not a good thing 😛 save up for a good car, or get like a nice car that gets good gas milage, but still goes fast and doesn’t look like someone took a huge colorful shit.
2001-11-05 02:49:18 – CaptnSpectacular
on a side note, why do you steal my ideas for mp3’s of the week? First weezer, now daft punk…what next? 😉 mark
2001-11-05 10:57:30 – rand0m
well, just an FYI, a 1966 Mustang Fastback is more than 30 years old! So HA! WOOOO Mustangs! Seriously though, if I do anything, it will be drive my POS truck until it dies, sell it and get an equally crappy car. w0o! I think I’ll get a motorcycle in the spring, though. That’s just cool. and sorry mark, I’m such an mp3otw whore. I’ll try to never [coincedentally] do it again.