halloween & denver trip [again]

So today is Halloween, yeehaa! That’s all I really have to say about it. I have no plans for tonight, none, zip, zero :: I’ll probably go home and not pass out candy, but rather watch some TV and sleep. How exciting, right? Well, if you want to change this painfully boring situation, please do so by sending me an e-mail with suggestions on what to do / attend.

Went to Denver last night, and attended the AMD AthlonXP roadshow and had a really good time. Stayed up the whole night, showed up at 5:20am and proceeded so scream myself hoarse trying to win free stuff. It didn’t work. Steve won an AMD AthlonXP 1800 + motherboard, which is really cool, since he took us out to breakfast to celebrate. I was by far the best fan / devotee / loud-obnoxious-guy in the crowd, so I got the announcer guy’s card along with his acknowledgement that I just might get some free stuff. That’s cool.

I am discontent with the amount of squabbling, *not* good arguments, but dick-swinging squabbles, that my site generates. I don’t know what to do … logins? moderation? I don’t know. Ideas?

2001-10-31 14:57:36 – realbighead
Free shit is always good. And I dunno whether I would see the discussion Burnz and I are having as a squabble; it seems useful to me, but either way, I’ll try to catch him on AIM or e-mail him or use his forums or something from now on. P.S. The analogy was not meant to go quite so far; the average high-schooler in the backseat with his girlfriend is usually exceedingly inept; it was just an indication of the extent of your ineptitude in making the analogy. Besides, it was supposed to be a comical image, not a literalism. Jeez.
2001-10-31 18:26:19 – The Disco Nova
For Sale: One slightly used laptop power supply. Bears striking resemblance to the one used by Rand0m. All offers will be considered.
2001-10-31 21:22:38 – GrooveMan
For Sale: One Slightly used Fossil Wrist Watch. Bears striking resemblance to the one used by Bastard. All offers will be considered.
2001-11-01 00:12:04 – realbighead
For Sale: One slightly used self-described "backdoor ho", willing to take multiple buyers… shit, dude, sorry to talk about your mom like that, nova.
2001-11-01 07:30:58 – Laura
wooo! 7:25 in the morning, hungover, and just getting home! i love halloween! 🙂
2001-11-01 10:25:43 – rand0m
Disco, you have no idea how much I miss that power supply. I need to get it from you sometime [soon] … … … as for Bastard’s watch, I think he might get it on friday night [?] maybe saturday, depending on when the trip to denver is made. realbighead … I got $3. My Halloween was … get home at 7, watch startrek for 5 minutes, fall asleep until 8am. Wow. 😉 gOooOoooooo Laura!
2001-11-01 10:59:25 – \!*
$3? that’ll buy you all three holes for the night. Enjoy.
2001-11-01 13:59:38 – The Disco Nova
Enough mom jokes, I can destroy you all.
2001-11-01 14:12:56 – rand0m
hahahahahaa!!~!1 teh raelbigheed is teh fonny man! and teh disco noav has teh litghs! w0oo!
2001-11-01 15:07:12 – Burnz
You no longer amuse me. I find you undesireable!
2001-11-01 17:43:48 – realbighead
hey burnz, learn to spell "undesirable". Dork.
2001-11-01 20:04:35 – tony
if you rearrange "realbighead" you get: Gerbil Ahead think about that
2001-11-01 23:49:20 – rand0m
Obviously you’ve thought about that enough for all of us. Thanks, though. 😉
2001-11-02 04:49:43 – Burnz
Oh my god, not a miniscule grammatical error on this forum! It surely is the first. Jesus Christ. Go make another 80’s style mom joke cock-gobbler.
2001-11-02 10:24:15 – rand0m
Matt, sorry to tell you buddy, but [asshole mode on] that isn’t a grammatical error. It is a spelling error. [asshole mode off] I think I’ll post something, but I don’t know what. Maybe something scathing.
2001-11-02 14:49:35 – Burnz
Since when is spelling not part of grammar? They went and got divorced? Broken English homes are rough on writers. I was learned that spelling is a subsection of grammar. But way to nit pick it, I’ll go get Janelle if I need that. Thanks you fucking sticklers for COMMENT CORRECTNESS. God for fucking bid that I make not one error, but one and one semantical possible error. Someone’s little balls are getting cut the fuck off, just test me.
2001-11-02 15:30:38 – The Disco Nova
J00 R TEH SUQ!1!!!!!!1!!!!
2001-11-02 15:45:49 – rand0m
I love you burnz.
2001-11-02 16:56:51 – realbighead
even though his response to your post was equally rife with poor grammar?
2001-11-02 17:18:07 – rand0m
yes, even with his horrible grammar. those damn authors and their horrible illiteracy. 😉
2001-11-03 03:57:02 – Burnz
*sighs* someday you will understand the nuance of sarcasm. Until then stop wasting my time acting like little cunt mouthed fucks over saying obviously intentional things like "was learned that". And yes, this has bad grammar too, and I will continue to post with bad grammar, which I would put far above your act of posting with bad content.