my [amazing] weekend

So I got off on friday night and went out to a party, then went home. No biggie. Woke up on saturday sometime in the afternoon … Tony invited me to go out with him and a couple girls and see “Don’t Say A Word” — it was a good movie. Afterwards, I swung by Emily’s place and then Tony and I met up over at the pad. Went out with a bunch of the guys there to Old Chicago, ate, and then snagged some beverages. Went back to the pad and imbibed … and then I ate some cookies. These are not normal cookies … these are Tim’s Extra Special THC-Laced cookies. Anywho, went to the party across the street, which was really bumpin’.

That’s when the real fun happened 😀 It was rockin, and I was mildly inebriated … everything was really cool. Anywho, took about an hour or so, and then the other stuff kicked in. Tony and Tim seemed to disappear, and I was left to my own devices … yup, completely blazed and glazed at a party where I know no one. It was fun as hell. I have new respect for ravers and their lights. It was fucking fantastic. The music was loud, the lights were strobing across the room, the honies were grindin’ … it was crazy. Met some girl, don’t know her name, and we hooked up … it was fun. I don’t know her name, but she has my cell # … I’m not really quite sure about exactly what happened saturday night, to be honest. I really don’t remember a whole lot of specifics. But I can tell you that it was a night I will not soon forget; when I recall it, I just feel … content? warm? pleased? I don’t know; just makes me feel like it was one of those things that sticks with you for the rest of your life. I’ll write a more in-depth thing and post it as an article … but for now … Fucking amazing.

Tim came and got me at 3:30am … I slept on the infamous orange couch and woke up and went to training at Gateway. It was rather eventless … just made my $20.25 per hour by surfing the web and filling out a couple sheets of paper. Quite good. I’m seriously considering getting a motorcycle … yea, not too practical, I know, but it’d be nice just to know how to ride one. On the plate for this week? nada that I know of … maybe ice cream with Janelle if the schedules work. Oh, and maybe seeing Tore this weekend [??]. Great weekend … simply incredible.

2001-10-01 00:10:05 – realbighead
not this upcoming weekend, the next one, dork. oh, and aren’t special cookies great? I can remember the happy days I spent as a pothead… ah, those were great times. Score, it’s after midnight; now I can start my paper and my greek… stupid homework.
2001-10-01 08:04:46 – The Disco Nova
Don’t go over board on the cookies there randall. You are one of the few friends I have left that is uncorrupted. I got to distinguish myself on my trip. One of my inept co workers stepped on the flash card that we stored the configuration on for the LS 1010’s. It was just an small install so we didn’t even have the engineering lead with us. I reprogrammed the darn thing from memory, and actually got it right.
2001-10-01 09:57:19 – rand0m
well, I do apologize for being such an ignorant dork. 😉 Yes, the cookies were great. But I don’t think I’ll do anything like it again … I’ll just treasure what I saw and felt, and be satisfied. Disco, believe me — you have nothing to worry about when it comes to a corrupted Randal. I think I’m just about as corrupted as I’m going to get, which is actually not too bad 😀 Good job on the flash doohickey … yer a smart ‘un. 😉
2001-10-01 11:10:12 – cosmosmoon
See, Randal, now you understand how the CC parties work. So much fun, eh?
2001-10-01 14:06:14 – The Disco Nova
I, on the other hand, am very vorrupted, I just will not, nor have I ever used anytype of drugs. Alchohol and Tobbaco don’t count. I’m starting to regret revealing that I know how to do Cisco, now the boss wants me to get my CCNA because of this.
2001-10-01 14:16:01 – rand0m
and that’s a bad thing!? it can only help you along your career path. And yes, I understand how the work … still not uber-impressed, but it was a good time.
2001-10-01 15:59:44 – Tony
First monday I’ve been unemployed since 1999. This morning, scratch that reverse that, afternoon, I woked up at 3:45 PM! and am about to have cereal and start non stop studying for calculus 2. Had a wierd ass dream where I went to some high school reunion. You see, I’m flying back thursday to my best friend’s wedding back in the town where I grew up, Lebanon, KY. Haven’t heard back on the bd systems job yet, hope it’s soon. Other than that, I think I’ll call unemployment now.
2001-10-01 16:04:02 – Burnz
*Pulls out crystal ball and various kinds of bad voodoo shit and begins to plot the tainting of Randal* You’re missing a whole world there buddy. It pains me to see you cut yourself out of it.
2001-10-01 16:42:02 – Master Ha-reed
To add to a famous randalism, life isn’t always suck, just sometimes, but you eventually do go on, or kill yourself by driving the car over the cliff. Either way works. On an unrelated note, Randal, who the hell is that guy that has invaded your webcam space? Is "The Final Countdown" the last few seconds your comp was alive be4 its soul was taken over or something?
2001-10-01 22:16:33 – Xeon
w3rd … that is all i can say. Ohh yeah I got a blue -white lava lamp … my room has got nifty lighting now 😉
2001-10-02 14:01:56 – Siaokh
Waaaaait a second, How did these mood enhancing THC cookies become mine?! I didnt eat any of them, i dont smoke pot… What gives? So… i found the recipe, and betty crocker (AKA Pat) and i made them. -Tim
2001-10-02 22:54:38 – FJ
Hee hee hee….