all about me

So I think I’ll spend some time and just post all about me. First off, I got my truck. That’s cool. It runs really well. No problems thus far [knock on wood, salt over shoulder]. Um … yes, parents are back. Have spent maybe 5 minutes talking to them since they’ve been back. Paid off a $2,000 loan. [woo!]. I hate Gateway — I’ve had meetings because I’m too good of a tech :: my call times are too low for being a newbie, and my teammates all hate me; I am #4 in the *entire* place in call-handle times, with an average of 8:43 per call. If it weren’t for the fat paychecks, I would quit tomorrow. I hate it.

Trying to think of anything else … Happy Birthday Tore … Emily is out camping, Mark is pimpin my site [w3rd!], sold both of the computers below to one Bryce Case [w3rd! again] and other than that, I haven’t done anything. I am always tired and feel continuously worn out … I figured it out, and I put in at least 78 hours of work per week. That’s actual in office, doing things time :: does not include driving, morning-get-ready time or anything else. I’ve been doing this for 7 weeks now, and I already notice the drain. Oh well. Guess I just keep going until I’ve reached my goals.

On that note, the CCNA training & testing has been pushed back 🙁 I honestly don’t have any time to study anything; I am busy for 18 hours a day, every day. Parents want me to go see the aspens turn colors on saturday morning around 8am … on my sleep day!? I don’t see that happening … also, have 9 hours of laptop-support training on Sunday — at $20.25 per hour. I’ll sleep, training will progress, I’ll make some bucks. And that’s what’s going on with me …total death on the social front, pretty good success financially :: I hope this situation works itself out soon.

2001-09-28 02:24:56 – Laura
dude, i remember someone named bryce case…seems he was my friend in first grade, so how the fuck is he? also, why do boys suck? also, i love nsync…awww yeah. also, you must be raking in money…want to send me some? also, move out. boredom…
2001-09-28 09:03:13 – Tony
Last day here at SRS, going to lunch at coozan’s. Figures, day that I’m leaving a couple of computers suddenly can’t recognize hard drive anymore. It’s funny watching my soon to be ex-boss scurry around pulling hair out like the mad hatter. "Why now!" "Noooo" "I can’t believe it!" "Why the hard drive" "waaaa waaaa"
2001-09-28 09:42:20 – rand0m
He’s well … he has a cushy job at Ford making obscene amounts of money … I’ll leave the rest of his life up to him to divulge [if he wants to]. We don’t suck … that’s your job [hahahaahahahaa] … we do other, better-for-you things 😉 yes, I’m a high-rolla … lots of cash. w3rd! Tony, that’s pretty funny … kind of ironic, and deserving, no doubt. Fuck ’em, fuck ’em all!
2001-09-28 14:03:26 – t to the o to the n to the y
<A HREF="">haha, silly cat</A>