blah, work, and wooo, movies!

As posted earlier, the contract with LogicBlast died, and all the work I’ve been doing for the past while means nothing. That is quite depressing — I guess I’ll move on to restructuring our network. I did, however, get this nice complimentary e-mail from the LogicBlast folk — it makes me warm and fuzzy inside:

I also want to specifically thank Randal and Scott for their efforts on the migration. Randal has certainly impressed our group

Went over to Tore’s place after work and we rented tres movies — SLC Punk, Basic Instinct and Vampire Hunter D. SLC Punk, with Matthew Lillard, was a *good* movie. I am glad I watched it. Basic Instinct had Sharon Stone. Naked. A lot. It was good also. And Vampire Hunter D was, as always, exceptional — it was the first peice of anime that I ever saw, and I will no doubt cherish it for the rest of my life. Oh, and before the movies we went on a food run and saw a ton of Cheyenne Mountain HS girls. Jesus Christ, I think if I stay in the springs, I’m moving over there.

Other than that, it’s 3am and I’m pretty tired. Just plain wore out — this wore-out-from-working-too-hard thing has got to stop; it’s killin’ me [grin].

2001-07-26 11:34:52 – bastard
hope nobody signed up for verizon lately, looks like a massive leak disclosed tons of SSN’s and Credit Card #s
2001-07-26 15:36:40 – The Disco Nova
Think needs a good technician?? My job is REALLY pissing me off today. I got to spend all morning trying to get into a secure area. Took me 3 hours to get in, 15 minutes of work. I need to get away from government work…
2001-07-26 16:54:43 – bastard
oh, YOU think your job sucks… well, my boss just made a change that took down our contract management and time card system… guess what he did after that, the *&^*(%& left. That’s right, he broke something, and walked out for me to fix it. ARGGGGWEIOPIOPWEFJWEFJIOP
2001-07-26 16:59:01 – The Disco Nova
so anyone up for skating tonight?
2001-07-26 18:16:49 – Burnz
That is nothing. I had to wake up at the crack of 1:30 to gradually wake up, shower, eat honey buns and watch Walker Texas Ranger. When I FINALLY got done with that I checked my e-mail and eventually did some painting on the house. So no one gets to complain about their job anymore.
2001-07-27 00:34:33 – realbighead
My ex-job sucked, I got to drive to Pueblo every day to file. I put paper in folders. I’m now a "file clerk" apparently cuz AddStaff said I had a perfect filing score after their tests… ah well, it could be worse. Not by much, but I could have to drive to Calhan every day to file. That would be worse. Oh, yeah, and unemployment sucks, say what you will about it. Although I have gained 96 levels of diablo 2 characters since this last job ended… yeah, that’s the downside to unemployment. That’s my rant. Goodnight.
2001-07-27 11:55:23 – bastard
WOOO HOOOO…. Just payed the downpayment for classes at UCCS! I am enrolled for 3 classes! WOOOTTTTAAADDIIIII
2001-07-27 15:13:01 – The Disco Nova
anyone know what song these lyrics came from? My little girl, drive anywhere, do what you want, I don’t care….. Tonight I ‘m in the hands of fate, I hand myself, over on a plate………" You could make me want to fuck you but I don’t think you’d survive