A brand new day

I am really glad that it’s saturday. Why? Because it means that this shitty week is done. Lots of generally traumatizing things happening, and not just at work. Although work *has* sucked a lot this week, what with redoing the network, scratching two weeks of work, reprogramming this particularly frustrating POS Cold Fusion based site … i digress.

I am really interested in getting a camera. Think about it — so many interesting things happen all the time, and sometime I’m even there. What a waste to not be able to snag a photo of it. I was looking at some nice cameras, like the Canon S110 and the Kodak DC4800. Both are really pricey, but they have optical zoom [not just digital!] which is super nice, but bumps the price up a lot. Still debating about digital vs. 35mm, though. Sure the price difference is there, but so is the recurring cost … film & development vs. batteries. And with a digicam, I don’t get actual prints, which is pretty shitty. If only development didn’t cost so damn much, and if 35mm cameras had USB ports on them 🙂 heh …

Thinkin I’ll go see Planet of the Apes tonight — looks to be an okay movie. I’ll see if I can snag free tickets again :: that kicks ass!

2001-07-29 14:07:50 – The Disco Nova
so how was the movie?
2001-07-29 14:42:09 – rand0m
ahh, sit tight grasshopper — it’s a comin!