good night and crazyness

went out and saw final fantasy with james and tony … it was a pretty good movie. The computer generated graphics were simply astonishing; at some points it looked very, very real. Tony and I got out tickets for free because the credit card authorization network was down; we flashed student IDs and big grins and she gave us free tickets. That was awesome … after the movie we all went over to the underground and played a few games of pool. That was pretty fun too — i enjoyed myself and am glad i went.

I got home and was getting ready to go to sleep when laura IMs me to tell me that keith [person at her ‘party’] bitched her out about me, and consequently i’m a complete fuck up, a depressed asshole and an all around loser. huh. didn’t think about it at all last night [too tired for once!], but have thought about it this morning. It has given me pause — for about 3 minutes. at this point, I can only say that I have finally alienated laura completely. score! i am surprised it has taken this long … [shucks off all the dead weight]

Ahh, another beautiful day ahead of me — on the list we have the migration of our e-mail program [mailsite] to our other e-mail program [IMail] … oh, and implementation of some SSL websites, and one database transfer. and no doubt a couple other small things. woo!

Update: Our contract with LogicBlast just fizzled … two weeks of busting my ass, and all for a copy of Cold Fusion 4.5, a couple licenses and source code to a proprietary online shopping cart. Damn 😉

2001-07-25 11:35:36 – bastard
Speaking of sysadmin duties, I have this to say about Computer Associates fine product ArcServe 2000 Backup. IT IS SHITE! Their technical support reps are complete farkups. One of their suggested troubleshooting tools is changing User Rights Assignment in Domain Security Policy from having undefined Log on Locally, to choosing one account. Hmmmm, guess what that does to anyone trying to log on to your network. Fark you Computer Associates, you puta grande!
2001-07-25 11:45:01 – The Disco Nova
You forgot the part about me whopping BOTH your asses in pool, hehe
2001-07-25 11:54:56 – bastard
In both games that you won over me, you won by one ball
2001-07-25 12:21:51 – rand0m
if i remember correctly, I won a game or two, and came close on another one =) Tony … as for the backup stuff, we use veritas backup exec 8.0 … it works really well – for one computer. As soon as we get the Active Directory working right it provides seamless, easy, scheduled backups – either full or partial or continuous or whatever. very nice program. i think they have a demo available. $.02
2001-07-25 12:52:01 – Xeon
You all 3 are wrong … I won <i>all</i> the games!
2001-07-25 16:25:17 – The Disco Nova
Yes, you won ALL the games and you smoked ALL the crack.
2001-07-25 17:26:43 – dead weight
hey, james, i lost your business card and forgot the other number you told me. i’ll give you a call sometime because i’m working 13 hour days now…