not so bad

well, it’s not so bad. Got an insurance policy for an ungodly high amount of money and it’s ths cheapest I could find — signing up for it in the morning. then i attend a crappy *6* hour driving class [no actual driving] class on saturday [$50] then pay the dmv $40 for my license re-instatement on monday. Then I get a probationary license that’s good through december. If I get a ticket for any points in between monday and then, I am moving. Simple as that. Also, my driving is restricted to home, downtown, voicestream, gateway and uccs … I will find out if I can stay downtown until like 9 or 10 pm and then go home from there; that would be okay. hope someone is enjoying their concert! ‘night

update: i am really … depressed? down? no, those aren’t right, just *sad* about this. it will completely kill anything resembling a social life. oh well, 80+ hour weeks gotta be good for me.

2001-06-27 21:50:37 – bastard
cheer up mate… 10. At least you’re not in jail. 9. You’ve had a girlfriend in the past two years. 8. You have a job. 7. You have a car. 6. You don’t have cancer, aids, at least, I don’t think so. 5. You haven’t had cement poured on your gas cap. Errr, strike that too. 4. You can afford to see movies and eat out at restaurants. 3. You are not called a freak. Well, maybe Lauara calls you a freak. 2. You are not John Wayne Bobbitt. 1. You are not a woman. YAYYYY!!!
2001-06-28 02:02:26 – Burnz
11. You are not Tony.
2001-06-28 02:50:48 – realbighead
11? I’d say 1. and 2. and 3.
2001-06-28 14:05:03 – Lauara (as according to tony)
i think i should change my name to lauara…that’s sexy! and, randal, maybe you just shouldn’t drive until you have your license, eh? ah well.
2001-06-28 16:39:34 – Burnz
Lauara, maybe Princess Lauara or the land of People With Names that Came From the Grammatical Errors of Dipshits. That would be an impressive title, I would live in your kingdom and call myself Maat.
2001-06-28 17:08:11 – bastaard
I could saay I haate you aall but thaat would be too obvious.
2001-06-28 19:20:54 – rand0m
what? i am [again] at a loss … and still horny. why does this keep happening?
2001-06-28 21:36:16 – The Disco Nova
Don’t even bother getting horny. Sex is overrated anyways.
2001-06-28 23:05:53 – rand0m
… as said by the oh-so-obviously celibate-but-not-by-choice individual … gave me a good laugh. thanks.
2001-06-28 23:47:59 – Laura
wait, randal’s horny? no way! i get more play than all of you. that makes me feel elite, but only for a few seconds because then i realize that’s not much of an accomplishment. and if you include the play you all get from your own hands, then i suppose you might just win 🙂
2001-06-29 02:51:02 – Burnz
As a guy who has turned down action (not recently mind you) but I have to agree that sex is a bit played up. It’s sticky and you have to give the bitch cab fare home if you are any kind of gentleman. That or sneak out of her place before she wakes up, which can be tricky.
2001-06-29 09:03:02 – rand0m
heh, ever had to gnaw your own arm off to get away, matt? hehehehe
2001-06-29 12:34:21 – bastard
As a reminder: When sneaking out of a girls house, remember to take any cutlery or sharp instruments with you.
2001-06-29 13:35:19 – Burnz
Sometimes you can’t get the blades out and just have to leave them behind so they don’t bust you with carrying a concealed weapon. And I have had to do terrible things to get away from the ladies. Once I had to cut my long hair off and climb out of the tower she was keeping me in….wait, that was Rapunzel. I am sure I did something like that, just take my word for it.
2001-06-29 16:42:29 – The Disco Nova
No Randall, I’m dating a certain woman who broke my heart anymore. I get sex now. I just realized it’s not any fun without the rest of the baggage to go with it. But your young, don’t listen to bitter old people like me.
2001-06-29 18:13:16 – rand0m
what? broke your heart anymore? … and yea, the baggage is nice … [sniff sniff] … [sigh] … guess i’ll post again sometime …