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Alright, my parents are gone. Like, they are *gone*. For two months. AFAIK, they have no plans of coming back anytime sooner. I am pleased with that, although the “having to water” part sucks. I don’t like watering, or mowing the lawn for that matter. Small prices, though.

I need a ride to my class tomorrow morning; it starts at 9am. Drop me an e-mail or call me. Or I’ll have to drive there [bad bad bad idea]. If anyone wants to come over and have a gathering *cough*, that’s cool, but someone has to give me a ride. That too would be a small price to pay =)

Saw Lauren Blomgren today; first time in a *long* time. She was with her dad. I was afraid of him; he is quite a bit bigger than janelle’s dad [who is very intimidating] and at least 10,000 times meaner. Anywho, i saw them, don’t think they saw me; if they did, they sure didn’t react. Not even a sneer, which is what I expected. heh. Her tits are better, but she looks like lauren, and [this is the clincher right here] she still is lauren. wanted to say hi, but didn’t. odd how she means so little, despite that I was all wrapped up about her for months. weird.

Link of the day: Gay-O-Meter :: I got a 12%

2001-06-30 02:40:06 – Laura
If I wasn’t in boulder, i would give you a ride…sorry. also, i say we all get together to drink sprite and read from the book of mormon at randal’s tonight. is anyone else up for some good wholesome fun?
2001-06-30 04:01:29 – Burnz
I will bring the zither and the guitar and we can sing hyms if we are feeling crazy. Maybe throw some horseshoes if we are going to be sinful.
2001-06-30 16:09:48 – The Disco Nova
Well, that is scary. I scored a 45% on the gay-o-meter. It says I am a well-adjusted hetero male. HA! how little they know…
2001-06-30 19:23:12 – laura
james, are you coming out in a really subtle way? i think so. i got a 35%…eh, it said i’m still too straight, i would have to say i’m more like a gay male than a straight female, but i suppose that’s almost the same thing. and don’t you know you won’t get into the highest level of heavin if you play horse shoes?
2001-07-01 08:07:42 – The Disco Nova
Nope, not coming out, I’m staying in the closet