oh joy

i don’t know where i’m going, but it’s probably not in colorado for long.

the short of it — lost my license yesterday due to being over the point limit … have to take a 2 hour class and show some insurance and i’ll have a probationary till end of december. found out i’m not, and never have been, a declared driver on my parents insurance. so i have to sign up for insurance on my own. that’s gonna cost at least $300 up front, and could take up to 3 weeks. in the meantime, i’ll quit my job, not pay bills etc.

on another note, i get to enjoy my parents shuttling me around for the rest of the week.

2001-06-27 09:02:54 – Laura
so, how are you going to get around the city? and, on that note, how could you have not been a driver on your parents insurance, yet still having to pay them…that’s sketchy. do buses go down to your hood? man, you’re screwed, but if you ever need a ride for some reason, you can call me, i have a car. 🙂
2001-06-27 09:11:17 – rand0m
well, like I said, I’ll have rides to and from work through friday … then I go nowhere until the insurance goes through. Then I risk myself and drive up to austin bluffs and academy, give the guy the paperwork and get a probationary [which is good for school / work] that lasts until december. It’s not all bad; just that I have to buy insurance. with my record, that will be mucho expensive. and my paying for insurance was for insurance on the *truck*, not on me.
2001-06-27 10:12:11 – L’whore’a
well, if you ever want to go somewhere besides school or work, let someone know because if you get pulled over while driving not to work and school on your license, you’re in prison. yay <cough>
2001-06-27 11:30:01 – bastard
One Way From Colorado Springs, CO To Portland, OR, At 1494 Miles, 1 Adult Ticket, With 14 Day Advance Notice = 69$ Come on, who wants to help me buy randal a ticket? It’s only 69$!!!
2001-06-27 13:33:00 – Burnz
thanks for the bus info rain man. Want to tell me what time Wapner is on?
2001-06-27 13:54:05 – Laura
getting rid of randal forever? hmmm…looking like a very good idea 🙂 is anyone else in?
2001-06-27 14:19:01 – bastard
Ohh… You didn’t know? Judge Wapner is now on animal planet, and his show is now called Judge Wapner’s Animal Court. Showtime, Showtime is at 9 am, definitely 9 am. Burnz sucks, definitely big time, definitely.