So yea, I got this ‘crushlink‘ in my e-mail box today. I’ve been having at that thing for like an hour and a half trying to figure out who has a crush on me. I think it’s mike or craig. That would be disappointing. The first name has 4 or more letters in it, while the last name has 5 letters. That makes me think craig.

The fact that I spent so long at it makes me realize that I am on the verge of being desperate. I think it’s time to shore up my manliness and say that I don’t want/need a woman. That is just a huge fat lie, though. Girls are great. [sigh]

On another note, Steve [yes, *that* steve, *again*] sent me this website which is almost an exact portrayal of my life. It’s this weird-ass comic strip about a guy named ‘Slick’. I don’t know where the author came up with it, but it is almost me and my life to a t :

Also, I realized that it is now may. That means that all the april news here needs to be moved off of here. But that means that I have to write a ton more code and make an archiving script, which I really am not feeling to hot about. I think it can wait.

2001-05-02 12:00:42 – Xeon
wasn’t me who sent you that letter 😮 so I don’t know who it was!
2001-05-02 19:42:07 – janelle
yes, craig, but i got one also, two in fact, which most likely means it has to be someone we both know. hrmph.
2001-05-03 03:17:01 – rand0m
actually, the two you got were probably from me ? at it has you put in e-mail addresses of people who you have a crush on [sigh], and if they aren?t the person who sent you the original crushlink e-mail, it sends out an e-mail just like the one you got.
2001-05-03 11:55:21 – Xeon
I was wondering who sent me that SPAM