updates and fixes

I fixed my truck, I think. It doesn’t leak. and if it does, not very much.

I fixed DNS, so now rand0m.hpi.net works beautifully every time, as does xeon.hpi.net … so those URLs are working … much easier to remember. use them please 😀

craig hung out at the geekpad all night, which gets me to thinking that I’m gonna need a place sometime soon. And if I’m going to get a place, I need $. I have decided that as soon as a better opportunity arises, my term at HPI will end. Which sucks, cuz then this page has to be moved and blah blah blah, but hey, that’s the breaks. It also gets me to thinkin’ … if craig moves in to the pad, he’ll have this whole new group of friends — that will be pretty cool getting to know all of them.

Talked to mike @ denny’s until 2am … it was good. Made a couple of decisions, like the job one, and generally just had a good time. I must buy shoes tomorrow; the ones I have get sopping wet very quickly, even in 1/2 inch of snow [suck!] Other than that, things are going well. ‘night

2001-05-03 12:05:54 – .
im a comment
2001-05-03 12:06:29 – Today is:
eat your meat
2001-05-03 12:07:51 – God
Will you all just leave me alone! What with the asking for forgiveness and all that crap, i mean c’mon!