whew, one more down

Boy am I glad, another day done with, another day x’d off of the calendar.

Work was suck — I did as little as possible all day. It was good. Went and saw janelle while buying a fuse for some radio equiptment: that was fun. She was all hot and sweaty from working on the set for the school play. It was great [big grin].

Left work, came home, changed clothes and bought $35 of parts so I could change the oil pan gasket on my truck [cuz it’s leaking like hell]. Started a little before 6 and ended right around 8:30pm; the actual gasket part didn’t take long, it was taking off every other damn thing in the way that took forever. Anywho, I’m letting the gasket and sealant cure over night and filling it with oil tomorrow morning. I’m hoping it doesn’t go spewing all over the place.

Went and found janelle tonight, chilled at her place for a while, then came straight home … I am exhausted, and I think a good night’s sleep is definately in order.