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So I come back from the lan party on monday morning at like 3:45 am. It was pretty cool. Unpacked my shiz, blah blah, woke up, came to work all late [like 10:30am]. Went out and fixed our wireless crap [I really don’t like working on wireless]and then I talked to steve chapin [from denver] about stuff … he had a really bad weekend. Props to steve for weathering it so well.

Came home last night and my mom was gone to utah. coolness. My dad, however, came unglued about the honda … he told me that he was irate that the honda wasn’t cleaned and it’s in bad shape and how I’m so irresponsible. I was like ‘wtf!?’ He didn’t give me a chance to respond before he stormed off, but I did fill it with gas, and I did put oil in, check tire pressure and clean the interior. I don’t know — tripping off like that isn’t something my dad does; very odd indeed.

So I’m coming home last night from Tony’s place, and my truck starts blowing smoke and whatnot. I pull over, and see I’m leaking oil really badly. I stopped, and bought 5 quarts of oil, all of which I used to get home. The 2 quarts that were left over are on the ground in front of my house. Since I have no plans tonight, I’ll be yanking the bottom end of my engine apart to find out what the fuck is going on. [sarcasm] That should be extremeley enjoyable. [end sarcasm]

I didn’t get to see ryan [w00t] last night because of my truck going to shit. that’s rather depressing. oh well. i believe mike is taking him back to kansas right now, probably has craig along with him; tony is staying in woodland park, and janelle is working on the play, which leaves me to do nothing tonight. I guess that works out okay, as I can fix my truck [hopefully].

Funny, and disgusting link of the day … read at your own risk:

2001-05-24 17:52:05 – A funny kid
your a fuckhead