Going to Vegas, New Truck

I’m heading out to Vegas here in a few minutes with Amanda. Awesome. I’ll be back late Monday night. I did buy a new truck. That whole thing below was part of an elaborate ruse so that Amanda wouldn’t know. It worked too 😀 … anyways, [L=http://rand0m.org/images/truck05/]http://rand0m.org/images/truck05/[/L]

2005-12-16 21:15:44 – Ryan
The steering wheel is on the wrong side!!!!
2005-12-26 16:23:23 – jrdn
2005-12-26 16:23:40 – jrdn
does it need new tires? call me LOL!
2005-12-26 17:59:48 – rand0m
actually yea, they are not in that good of shape. And it needs an alignment … do you guys do those?
2005-12-27 23:08:33 – jrdn
we only deal with tires… but we give out slick deals with brakes plus for allignments and brakes… I can save you around 20% if not more on your tires also.