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I added an RSS feed to this here website, so if you use a news aggregator, point it to I’ll be redoing a couple things here and there over the next week or so, some cosmetic, a couple under the hood. Thanks to [L=]/Mark[/L] for prodding me into action. Tore came into town this past Friday. We went to lunch at the Ritz, then met Sammi over at the Perk. That was good. Then we all split up, and reconvened at Phantom Canyon later that evening and had a splendid time. It’s fun to catch up with friends that I haven’t seen in forever — those who live 400+ miles away [i]and[/i] those who live just up the street. I went to Denver a while back to do some maintenance and to hit up a party at Craigalito’s place. Unfortunately I came out of the datacenter to find my truck with a flat tire. That sucked. I called up Steve-o, who promptly left to come to my aid with some fix-a-flat. He arrived no sooner than 2 1/2 hours later, ready to rock. Heh. I chatted with Amanda and a ton of other folks while I waited, so it was A-OK. Anyways, got back to his place, spent the weekend there, then headed down. Oh, and the new set of tires were $360.41 installed. Oof. My brother Matt, yes, the one who posted his infamous comments [L=]here[/L], [L=]here[/L], and [L=]here[/L] has moved here to Colorado Springs. Apparently his home was wiped out when hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, so he moved here where there is familial support. From what I’ve gathered, he is here with his wife and kid (?? unsure on that). I am sure I will know more tomorrow. Speaking of, I will be going out tomorrow morning with the family for breakfast, then for a cruise to look at the turning leaves, stopping off in Cripple Creek for dinner (damn that’s a lot of driving), then coming home. I hope there will be a lot of family to distract me from the crazy amounts of just driving. I watched “2Fast2Furious” the other night. It was fucking terrible. I watched “Closer” tonight, and aside from Natalie Portman’s fucking hot little body (HOT GRITS ANYONE!?), it was fucking terrible. Thumbs down to both. I miss having a woman. Chin up! *sigh*