Wiped AIM list

I decided that my aim list is far too large. Hence, I am deleting it right after I post this. Included on the new list will be: keen, james, fldave, corey, nick, craig, mark h, laura, my sister, rebecca, emily and bryce. If you’re not on there, you probably never talk to me on AIM. Message me and I might add you. Also, it’s a beautiful Tuesday afternoon and my day is going just swell — Even had a free lunch on the boss 😉

2005-03-16 19:17:23 – GrooveMan
Damn, I didn’t make the list. I guess I need to pester you more on AIM… to bad I don’t have the time any more 😛
2005-03-16 19:43:36 – rand0m
That’s OK steve 🙂 I put you on the list after the oversight, even though we never chat online. You know I love you 😛
2005-03-17 18:33:25 – Netheus
Had to explain to my sister that there are two ways of thinking- linear and tangential. We (liz and I) are tangential thinkers, thus need a barrage of information, better if, reletively speaking, polar in relation. She thought she was going crazy because no one else she knew of thought the way she did. Damnit. She should’ve gone into IB. For a moment, all of you that went to high school with me, imagine if you went through that part of your life with out meeting other similarly intelligent people? What if you never met a mental challenge? I think we might have all turned out the Byrne (Burnz). Addicted, mental, abusive. Possibly suicidal. I mean, we have each other when we need something more than dick jokes. What would it be like if we didn’t?