Hash Browns, aim, tons of alcohol & puking

I made hashbrowns on the George Foreman grill last night. I put the first batch on while the hashes were frozen, and that didn’t work out well. I nuked the next set while I was making some bacon, and then gave it a whirl and they came out awesome. The foreman and bacon ideas are good ones — thanks [L=http://www.komar.org/bbq/bbq_grill_recipes/moms_hash_browns/]komar.org![/L] I’m thinking I’m going to pare down my aim buddy list. I talk to maybe 10 people on aim, yet my list is at 144 — and this is after a couple attempts at slimming it down! I may just completely erase it and start from scratch. Not a bad idea. Have you ever done something particularly snazzy, and sort of expected somebody else to say exactly how snazzy it was, but it never comes? WOW yea. It sucks. Makes ya feel kind of worthless … like … why did I do that snazzy thing in the first place? What a waste of time/money/thought/everything. Monday sucked. As indicated by the previous post — which is nearly incomprehensible, even by me — I had a helluva time on Sunday night. Heck, I even got to rub a girl’s booty. It was a good time. Monday, however, was not so hot. I went out to Old Chicago’s before the night of liver-wrecking, and it treated me very poorly. I didn’t go to work on Monday at all, as I spent the vast majority of the day on the bathroom floor, throwing up every 20 minutes. That is not standard behavior for super-heavy hangovers, so I’m going to attribute it to bad food. I used to look down on people who threw up while consuming vast quantities of alcohol, but now that I have been that guy who can’t keep the liquor down, I will no longer do so. Why, you may ask? Because evacuating tons of alcohol from my already totally-plastered body felt sooooo good. Thank you, toilet, for allowing me to feel much better! I salute you!

2005-03-03 16:07:21 – The Disco Nova
It was the funniest dan thing I ever saw. Randalll came out of the laundry room, looked at me and said "I think I need to puke". This is immediately followed by Randalll doing a swan dive for the toilet, which is luckily within about five feet.
2005-03-03 16:16:42 – Netheus
hence me with the not drinking 😉
2005-03-03 23:33:13 – mark
Now I am really curious what snazzy thing you have done that has gone unnoticed. I am generally very excited about all things snazzy, but have not noticed anything to comment on. I think you need to reveal your unseen pride and let us all bask in its greatness. (too epic?)
2005-03-04 00:38:26 – Craigalito
I too am fond of all things snazzy. Would you please let us in on what it is that is very snazzy. 🙂 BTW my birthday is on Wednesday. Am I old yet?
2005-03-04 09:37:05 – rand0m
Unfortunately, my snazziness is not to be broadcast here. I’d be glad to give ya’ll the scoop in private, though. And craig, yea, you are getting old. You’re what, 17 now? 😉
2005-03-04 12:57:36 – realbighead
so the hash browns comment has added "frozen potatoes" to your proselytizing AdSense bar. It must be terribly surreal to have your life subliminally mapped like this. And cheers on getting good and proper drunk for once. Someday soon, God willin’ an’ the creek don’t rise, maybe you’ll work your way up to three beers before you black out. 🙂
2005-03-04 17:01:37 – Master Ha-reed
Yeah, Google AdSense is pretty damned funny. The first time I read this post, the ads were to "Improve your IQ" and "Get smarter". Google is now Randal’s new nanny it seems. Maybe next it will prescribe anti-depressants.
2005-03-04 21:38:48 – Hellbent Rob
No joke, your google ad lists: 1.) Vomiting Info & Treatement Rader Programs vomiting info & Treatment. Programs Nationwide 2.) Potatoe Skins Sale New and used Potatoe Skins Check out the deals now! I don’t know which is scarier, the fact that there are nationwide puke centers or that one can actually purchase "USED" potatoe skins, which incidentally just might be related….
2005-03-04 21:41:00 – Hellbent Rob
Oh, and chalk one up for Dan Quayle, "P-O-T-A-T-O-E" narf