WoW, Running into People, Work, Craig and more

World of Warcraft has stolen my soul. It’s like crack, but cheaper. It’s like buttery goodness without the calories. It’s like hot steamy sex without the psycho bitch. I play all the time. I’ve been trying to ween myself off of it a little, though, because staying up until 6am playing is bad for Body/Mind/Work/Store/Everything. I ran into Janora Curtis from highschool yesterday. I was walking out of my building and there she was – I said hey, she said hey, and that was that. I still haven’t spoken to Tabitha H itz, who works at the starbucks @ austin bluffs and academy. I think that’s because I don’t want to talk to her. On that note, there are other people who are bound to be here in town for the holiday season, who I really value and like quite a bit, but I’m unsure of how much I want to see them. I have like 6 people who fall into that category. :-/ Steve came down this weekend bearing gifts – so I now have a box at home! It’s job: play World of Warcraft. Crack, I tell you! Anyways, it’s pretty decent athlonXP 2GHz, 9700pro, 768mb ram. I’m really thinking about buying an LCD to match it, because the monitor on there sucks a LOT. So yea, new box & WoW. We went out and saw Ocean’s Twelve, it was decent – nothing outstanding, and a lot of twist in it. Keen pointed out the very good style of the movie, with a lot of “real world” filming – not so many closeups, a lot of off-screen banter, a lot of … wow, almost indy filming style. But I’m not a movie critic in any way, so don’t bother posting about what a twit I am. Craigalito swung by ONS today, while en route to pueblo for a funeral for this grandmother, in his new Saab. It’s a 97 (???) something or other. All I know is that it’s 1) wicked nice (leather, sunroof, the works) and 2) wicked fast. Good Pick. I’m already envious 🙂 Condolensces about the death, congrats on the car. Ok, so I’m standing out by Craig’s car and the manager for the 11th floor of the Alamo (where I work) comes out and is chatting with us. She asks for a boost onto the ledge right there so she doesn’t have to walk around. After looking at her with a blank stare for a second, she puts her leg up for the boost and I put my hands on her butt and give her boost. She says thanks and starts walking away, and the first thing I say is “WOW that was uncomfortable. And awkward.” She’s like 45 and a total country girl, so I’m sure she didn’t care but I felt kinda weirded out. LOL 😀 And the Techy Stuff. We’re turning up BGP4 tonight on a couple new links here at ONS, which is hawt but makes for a late night, and I’m thinking about buying a LCD. Oh, and a car? iunno.

2004-12-15 04:46:00 – pinky
CRACK IS CHEAP!!!!11!!!one!!!11 Uh, so IB kids get of of college and hang around colorado springs and workk at starbucks? bleh. Also, I am having a graduation party at my house this Sunday. I forget what time, but you’re invited along with anyone else. You have to bring me expensive presents, though. like diamonds.
2004-12-15 09:25:00 – rand0m
I think the "get out of college" part is the sticking point for most IB peeps who work at starbucks. That’s just my opinion, though, and I have no idea what she’s done with her life for the past 4 1/2 years.
2004-12-15 09:35:46 – Netheus
Finals…. ugh… Hey- it’s that time of year again- who else has lost a relative in the last month, or looks like they are going to loose a relative in the coming month? I got a few on the line, but it looks like they will at least make it to Feb.
2004-12-15 12:31:23 – keener2u
Why aren’t you playing WOW right now…get crackin’ go go go!